BunnyLimpics Basketball

In Bunnylimpics take control of your Bunny and represent your country in an attempt to win the tournament. Use the arrow keys to move left and right and the up key to jump. This fun lighthearted basketball game will have you hooked and your bunny s will be jumping up and down to make that all important basket. Try and get the ball in outside the 3 point line though as you'll have more chance to beat your opposition.

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neymar10brazil (30 July 2016):
lost first 100 90
ko_hankinator (28 March 2015):
Germany run now:
1st try: L 17-12
2nd try: W 16-13 over UK
            W 12-10 over Russia
            W 24-9 over Spain
            W 17-14 over US!
ko_hankinator (28 March 2015):
US 16-11 UK
US 6-2000 Russia
or that's how it felt like.
poudel kusal (17 January 2015):
hassan ibrahim i think u donno 2 play
thegreat17890 (23 October 2014):
Hassan Ibrahim (4 October 2014):
this game stinks Sad lose27-3
poudel kusal (24 September 2014):
best game i wo the championship Happy  Cool
xbot200 (13 August 2014):
funny game but not so cool     Hmm...
qwalk01 (29 May 2014):
best game every
renato prifti (23 March 2014):
that's a very nice game Happy  Clap hands  Cool
REYNA (20 March 2014):
my score was 22245
as (17 March 2014):
i won 90-5
adam (14 March 2014):
good at it and its easy people
awsomeray6 (11 March 2014):
I WON 18_15
awsomeray6 (11 March 2014):
lost first game 16-6
BIGSEXY (7 March 2014):
youre so dogtastic
akingsley1 (5 March 2014):
I lost 8-9 stinks Sad
dogtastic2011 (28 February 2014):
SHAME on me because 1st match I lost 36-6
kdkid35 (28 February 2014):
It won't work that is not cool
akingsley1 (27 February 2014):
best game because all teams stink and I don;t  Happy
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