Police Pursuit

Become the enforcer of the law in Police pursuit. Get in your cop car and become the protectors of the street. Patrol around the town and attempt to arrest as many criminals as you're possibly can until the time runs out. The more criminals you catch the better police officer you are and this means a higher score. To drive use the arrow keys and if your feeling extra confident press X to drift round corners. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and catch those criminals before its too late :)

Rating: 3.17 (133 votes) 3.17 out of 5
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PRODECO16 (20 September 2016):
Happy good game good game  Wink
adaskarol (21 November 2015):
It wont let me on the game Sad
Jason545 (27 September 2014):
too much time to load
Jason545 (27 September 2014):
okay Sad
ashvin168 (30 May 2014):
I love this game Wink  Clap hands
ashvin168 (30 May 2014):
best game ever  Happy  Wink  Wave
Gofootballforever (9 March 2014):
I like this game Wink
nathanwet (8 March 2014):
can`t get past the 1st level lol
roare (1 March 2014):
owenbuck)(ripsirtomfinney (27 February 2014):
amazing game Cool  Wave  Wave
balazs (25 February 2014):
better now i ve played it more
balazs (25 February 2014):
all right i think quite good
NinerNiner (24 February 2014):
Won't work for me  Sad
Andy1021 (23 February 2014):
It is such an awsome game, I could play this for a long time
samtheboss (22 February 2014):
It's okay I guess
abrahim (22 February 2014):
it is awesome

usergabe (21 February 2014):
good good good
sarath (21 February 2014):
super game Cool  Cool
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