Turbo Golf

Get on the golf course and play the golf game Turbo golf with a twist. Just like a normal game of golf aim to get the ball in the hole in the least amount of shots possible. However this isn't the main aim of the game! In order to beat your opponents you must get the ball in the hole as quickly as possible with 5 seconds added for each shot you take! I bet you didn't expect that? Aim using your mouse, positioning your shot where you want it to go and to get the power you desire aim to stop the power meter on 100%. Good luck on you extra speedy golf round!

Rating: 4.13 (364 votes) 4.13 out of 5
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TURBO GOLF - Comments:
LiverpoolFan2017 (14 April 2017):
Not a Good Game
foodjude1 (27 January 2017):
Clap hands
JJmonkey (17 August 2016):
Good Game Happy  Happy  Happy
RYANLH919 (29 August 2015):
Very addictive
J-PKeepermanutd (23 June 2015):
110% troll  Cool
ForestMaster (10 April 2015):
110 percent BOSS MODE  Cool  Cool   Wave
caster101 (12 January 2015):
EvertonRocks123 (10 June 2014):
Sad  Sad
ishan19 (4 June 2014):
good one Clap hands
ismailhussain (5 May 2014):
good game  Happy  Happy
pele34 (25 April 2014):
Clap hands good game
bajancanadian40 (21 April 2014):
my screen is blue
ammaar12 (8 March 2014):
cool game
edmond123 (24 February 2014):
good game Clap hands
devonjay@hotmail.co.uk (21 February 2014):
wicked first to play so cool you have got to play  Happy  Wave
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