Corner Kick Commotion

It's attack vs defence from the set piece delivery game that is Corner Kick Commotion. It's you taking the corners with three team mates to to help you put the ball away. A simple click of the mouse picks out your man as he tries to bang in another goal. Beware though of the defenders who block or intercept your crosses and shots! More defenders appear as the levels go up to keep you on your toes so get clicking and cause a real commotion!

Rating: 3.74 (123 votes) 3.74 out of 5
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Harutyun2002 (23 January 2017):
3000 high score
t.iio (22 December 2014):
2840 highest score
lol2014 (26 September 2014):
i scored 940
Rohit Raj (2 August 2014):
Hi! friends i am new on this site. I am Indian. I don"t think this game is good but it has lot of experience
austin991 (24 February 2014):
this game looks hard u know Wave
ronaldinho123 (23 February 2014):
mine 2270
Sotonalltheway123 (20 February 2014):
i scored 880 Happy  Happy  Happy
socceriscool (18 February 2014):
it is very easy Happy i scored 430
TadeTade123 (15 February 2014):
My score 2115
Wave  Wink
zappyman (15 February 2014):
top scorer of all time BOOM Cool
zappyman (15 February 2014):
sup ok for honest but ya know cool Hmm...  Cool  Wave
chelseajames123 (14 February 2014):
It is Joey Essex
CR7 FAN (10 February 2014):
graphics are rubbish
funky52 (6 February 2014):
play this long time ago in 2011
pato12 (6 February 2014):
easy game
daud (5 February 2014):
who supports Manchester united
whoever does Clap hands  Happy  Wave
Footyrules (5 February 2014):
a bit wierd Sad  Sad  Sad
Epixkid112 (2 February 2014):
Good game for some reason  Hmm...
GenTi12 (2 February 2014):
Best Game Ever  Wave  Wave
LiverPool Man (1 February 2014):
only 725 lol Cool
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