Top Striker

Top striker is a little different game from the usual ones, but it's a pretty good one. Wait for your teammate to take his free kick and when the ball is close to you press ARROW keys to shoot. If it's high press UP to head it or DOWN to try a bicycle kick. If the ball is low press LEFT or RIGHT keys to aim in those directions.

Rating: 3.89 (523 votes) 3.89 out of 5
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TOP STRIKER - Comments:
Predator (4 January 2016):
12 200 points Cool  Cool
DCFC4LIFE2001 (5 September 2015):
amazing game!!  Clap hands
Bingo5656 (28 December 2014):
best game ever i scored 2 brilliant bicycle kicks
milancarrubba (10 December 2014):
top game Cool  Cool  Cool
jeffreyjosueperdomo (9 June 2014):
i didn't really li,e it Sad  @
Yassin Amr (22 May 2014):
i do not like this
Yassin Amr (22 May 2014):
I do not like this game very much
Neymar786 (16 March 2014):
good game
hades123456 (11 March 2014):
i know its a epic game hazzerd10
kushkaartik (11 March 2014):
its messi!!! Clap hands  Clap hands
vezicular (8 March 2014):
amazing game Hmm...
sergio519 (5 March 2014):
this game is awesome Clap hands  Clap hands
CraigFarrell (4 March 2014):
got 27,300 with rooney Happy
Andey (19 February 2014):
Clap hands coll bike
rvpersie20 (17 February 2014):
good game!!! Cool
nextmessi10 (12 February 2014):
COOL  GAME Clap hands
arifrazak98 (9 February 2014):
nice game Wave
GarethBale (5 February 2014):
ilyas7728 (4 February 2014):
so sick  @ this game i nearly vomited
lol Happy  :-)
ilyas7728 (4 February 2014):
cool game
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