Bale's Bags of Euro

With the most expensive football transfer ever done, Bale is free to practice depositing some of that cash into his account. Kick up bags full of Euros, keep them in the air with your feet or head and transfer them over to the Bank deposit unit. How much can you deposit before time runs out?

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marquitos14 (19 May 2016):
Clap hands good game
RYANLH919 (2 April 2015):
140000 seems alright Wave
EvertonRocks123 (2 January 2015):
i got 90000, but it won't let me see the leaderboard so i don't know if im in 1st, 2nd, or 3rd, or whatever! Wink
Cescfabregas (30 December 2014):
ok but hard
Arnav (28 May 2014):
mario gotze (15 April 2014):
bale and cristiano ronaldo is great  Cool
FamZ (22 March 2014):
easy game Happy
Really Madrid (20 March 2014):
WOW!I had 130000 Clap hands
Really Madrid (19 March 2014):
It's very good game if Bale is rich like this Cool
CraigFarrell (10 March 2014):
2nd in daily 15 with 85000 Happy
arsenal1000 (9 March 2014):
great game and 9th in daily 15
OMGitsme125 (18 February 2014):
who likes chech

well i do
Red Devils are champs (9 February 2014):
foolish game Sad
chelseajames123 (25 January 2014):
Sick game bro Clap hands
mtnguy64 (22 January 2014):
hard game Hmm...  Hmm...
solomon123 (20 January 2014):
good game
giroud (19 January 2014):
worst game i ever played
hullcitylover123 (18 January 2014):
im quite rubbish but it is a really good game <3
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