Elastic Soccer

Elastic Soccer turns the pitch into a foosball-like magnetic field. Use your cursor to rotate players possessing the ball. Pull back on them to spring-launch the ball in the desired direction, and click "Shake Board" to pull lost balls out from the sidelines. The shift key slides the keeper back and forth, but you won't want to take your hand off of that mouse for too long. The opposing side can easily strike from distance like Ashley Young. Once the ball is at your player's feet, though, you don't have to worry too much about losing possession until you decide where to kick it next.

Rating: 3.35 (366 votes) 3.35 out of 5
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AdfDf (10 August 2016):
Good game, not too good at it Happy  Wink
Aryaan14 (18 April 2014):
EPIC GAME! the people who think it is bad have either lost their minds or they are thick in the head
arsenal2013 (31 January 2013):
its an ok game
deyan964 (2 June 2012):
Nice game Happy
Mohammeds (13 May 2012):
manutd 4-
1 kings fc Cool
Mon3yAllDay (20 February 2012):
AirBrush107 (16 February 2012):
should be magnet soccer
mady24 (9 January 2012):
i won 20-0
Kieran11 (13 December 2011):
Impossible to score Clap hands  Cool
lewis1909 (13 December 2011):
theis game is sick
ds05060 (8 December 2011):
what elastic soccer impossible  Cool Happy me
alen09220 (1 May 2011):
I won 10-3 Happy and then i lost 1-8Happy
rma (25 March 2011):
good game well done
aki98 (10 February 2011):
win 6-5
flashed (5 February 2011):
im not good at this
nathanh191 (18 December 2010):
sweet i won 14-1
zuzu17 (23 November 2010):
Dallow Boy (15 November 2010):
For all those people who say its rubbish. Its probably just because your rubbish at it. olay
Dallow Boy (15 November 2010):
It is a greeat fame Clap hands  Clap hands but difficult. Best result 1-1  Happy
adam ronaldo (10 October 2010):
good and bad Hmm...
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