Neymar - Football Superstar

Pick Brasil, Santos or Barcelona version of Neymar and score as many goals as you can to earn cash. Knock the big moneyman into the goal for most points. Move Neymar with mouse/ left mouse click to take a shot.

Rating: 2.87 (1156 votes) 2.87 out of 5
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ProFootballer101 (23 December 2016):
It might be cool but its not that outstanding u have to agree though. Clap hands  Hmm...  Happy
neymar10brazil (28 August 2016):
7 out 10
Bhim (26 August 2016):
I like it.
17Brodie17 (15 July 2016):
105000 on first go
coolman55 (1 July 2015):
950000 points on first try but its not that fun so I give it a 6.2 out of 10
RONALDOIZBEST (28 June 2015):
in got 135 thousand.boring
neymar_JR (16 March 2015):
520000 wooo-hooo  Happy  Happy  Happy
waleed555 (21 December 2014):
gabriel101003 (23 September 2014):
i got 50000000 Happy  Happy  Happy
NIKE123 (21 September 2014):
good game got 1900000 points
arsenalGalib (18 May 2014):
lilred devil24 (20 February 2014):
nice game
cazorla (19 February 2014):
better than messi's halloween shootout
muskwe (19 February 2014):
i think this football game worth lost lots of money
socceriscool (15 February 2014):
it is cool
gerrardno.8 (8 February 2014):
ok not the best game Clap hands  Sad
s.cazorla19 (1 February 2014):
i like this gam but im not that good Cool
zipzter (31 January 2014):
i think you guys are better then me
doger (29 January 2014):
mata 8 when is the game?
mata8 (27 January 2014):
mata is gonna play for carfif and rooney and robin van persie and also maroune fellaini are going to play as well you better be ther because im going and im going to sit behind david moyes and his subsitutes on tuesday you can watch it live on your laptop tiis in form sport or wiziwig the match will come on at 3.00pm or you can watch highlights on match of the day on bbc 1at Happy  Wave  Cool
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