Hammer Throw

Hammer throw requires you to get the right angle as much power as possible and the correct timing to release the hammer. To set the angle press space bar as the arrow goes up and down. To get the furthest throw aim for 45 degrees, but with no power the throw will go nowhere! To gain power alternatively press the left and right key but don't do it for long otherwise you'll foul and your chance for a medal may be over. Progress through steadily harder rounds and attempt to win that all-important gold.

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HAMMER THROW - Comments:
xbot200 (13 August 2014):
god i dont agree with johnnyboypro
CraigFarrell (12 March 2014):
Republic of ireland win olympic GOLD in hammer throw Happy
Jaden118 (6 May 2013):
It's a bit of a random game but it's good
epica (2 May 2013):
a bit good
19TIMESMUFC10 (1 May 2013):
lol just got owned Wink  Wink
football (16 April 2013):
well guys, Let's clarify this issue a bit.
Despite its name, "my football games", this website was, and still is, about " Football Games - Soccer Games - Free Online Sports Games" and that has been so since day 1.

Now I can answer your questions.

to Jonyboypro:
It's called www.MyFootballGames.co.uk because it seems much better than

to wingmaster:
What are you talking about? ..."it was initially only football games..."
Lakshit (16 April 2013):
I agree with 'Jonyboypro'  Hmm...
wingmaster (15 April 2013):
@jonyboypro because it was initially only football games. then they stopped the uality like ksi
Messifan123 (13 April 2013):
Jonyboypro (13 April 2013):
Remind me why this website is called my football games? Hmm...
havoc (13 April 2013):
awesome game...but boring Clap hands  Clap hands  Sad
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