Mario Beach Volleyball

Mario Beach Volleyball is a great volleyball game where you play as a Super Mario vs Toad (also known as Kinopio). The aim of the game is to win each match by at least 2 points. Move your player with the LEFT/RIGHT arrow keys and press the UP key to jump, although you don't need to jump every time, your player will play the ball automatically when it's close enough. You can touch the ball only twice before you have to send it over the net.

Rating: 3.87 (326 votes) 3.87 out of 5
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SammythemannyGB (31 January 2017):
#MLG this game is not swag enough. I will give it a 1/1.5 lol XD
ko_hankinator (20 March 2015):
It is good, defeated Sr. 11-7. Clap hands
ILikeToPlaySoccer (14 February 2015):
This game is boring
Kamran (4 January 2015):
I WON for the first time and is relly big but I won him  Cool  Cool  Cool
messi #10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (13 December 2014):
won again  Clap hands  Wink  Wave
poudel kusal (15 October 2014):
best game ever  Cool  Happy
poudel kusal (24 September 2014):
defeated goomba sr 11-0 Cool
man160 (8 August 2014):
i thought this was terrible Sad  Sad  Hmm...
messi #10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (16 March 2014):
finally beat gommba senior  Wave  Wave  
messi #10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (15 March 2014):
connorReed (8 March 2014):
good game Clap hands
price sexy 123 (11 May 2013):
awsome game Cool (11 May 2013):
I came first woowoo my name is james
mr goodbar (6 May 2013):
fix this game mario got stuck on the net (4 May 2013):
yay I was first
Athu (4 May 2013):
name is interesting  Wave
Benny14Melanson (22 April 2013):
super mario
price sexy 123 (17 April 2013):
Clap hands good Happy game
price sexy 123 (17 April 2013):
won 11-0 didn't score one by me full game Wave
prezo (15 April 2013):
awesome game Hmm...
awesome and easiest game Hmm...
super game Cool  Clap hands
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