Octopost is a perfect game to play while killing some time, so sit back relax and fling your octopus as far as you can. Click on your octopus and move the cursor in the direction you want to throw it. Get your octopus even farther by clicking on it will it fly's and it will accelerate by spraying ink. Gain more money by going further and upgrade your octopus so you complete your overall objective, which is to deliver all the post and become the ideal octopus postman. Get flinging!

Rating: 4.10 (42 votes) 4.10 out of 5
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OCTOPOST - Comments:
ItsMarrellandNoeil (6 May 2013):
its a great game
Azim Mansor (6 May 2013):
super best Clap hands
super game Happy
Finley18 (5 May 2013):
really cool game
guardado22 (5 May 2013):
beat the whole game in 5 min Wave  Clap hands
christiana ronaldo 86 (3 May 2013):
its cool and easy Cool  Wave
john685535 (2 May 2013):
  Cool this is so cool
bryanhandsome777 (14 April 2013):
that is octopus? Hmm...
Alex3 (10 April 2013):
Funny game
aramirez305 (2 April 2013):
This is not a octopost
aramirez305 (2 April 2013):
Good very good for your brain skills
aramirez305 (2 April 2013):
Good game
aramirez305 (1 April 2013):
I like it Wink
ume (25 March 2013):
this is awesome Cool  Cool  Cool
REAL BOY (24 March 2013):
super game
Clap hands  Clap hands
tottenham-till-i-die (24 March 2013):
what is the point of this game  Hmm...  Hmm...  Sad
Humza10 (24 March 2013):
beatall the levels lol
ILOVECHICKEN11 (23 March 2013):
just a rubbish toss the turtle Sad
lukekilgallon (21 March 2013):
funny game
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