Elite Base Jump

Elite Base Jump is not for the feint hearted gamer as it requires a lot of courage and bravery to be able to wait for the last second to deploy your parachute. Compete against 7 other competitors in an attempt to become to Base Jump champion. Wait for go then press space bar as quickly as possible in order to get the best start and then space again to release the parachute. But don't drop too early or you'll get false started and don't deploy your parachute too late otherwise you wont survive the landing! Get jumping and become the base-jumping champion!

Rating: 4.23 (60 votes) 4.23 out of 5
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Cool56 (4 May 2014):
Andy1021 (14 February 2014):
I am a 56x champion at Elite Base Jumping Happy  Wave  Cool
Andy1021 (18 April 2013):
Good game I really enjoy it when I play
flashcool (17 April 2013):
Hmm... nice game but base jump 1 is better Cool  Cool
podolski is awsome (8 April 2013):
Great game but cant win
Cool   Cool
ArmenianBoy (28 March 2013):
Nice game...Yeah! I am enjoy this game...
Clap hands
ArmenianBoy (27 March 2013):
Nice game...Thanks!!! Happy
bartek88 (25 March 2013):
am the champion Wave
Fiq (25 March 2013):
radoja15 (24 March 2013):
i won  Happy
manchester united rule (23 March 2013):
awsome but hard
ILOVECHICKEN11 (23 March 2013):
such an annoying game Sad
Fiq (23 March 2013):
it is very hard!!
arshin (22 March 2013):
sick game but still abit hard   Wink
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