Putt it in

Sit back and relax while playing this laid back golf game, Putt it in. Click in the area where you want to start the hole from and then drag your cursor to where you want to aim. After deciding on the direction hold down the cursor to determine the amount of power you desire. In Putt it in there are numerous hazards and barriers in your way of the hole like a classic crazy golf course. So to get a high score you're going to have to putt like Tiger Woods!

Rating: 3.71 (49 votes) 3.71 out of 5
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PUTT IT IN - Comments:
haza (8 September 2016):
jalee (17 February 2014):
So  Easy Happy
ronitpalvia23@yahoo.com (20 April 2013):
quite hard  Sad  Sad
pele76 (11 April 2013):
really hard
Timmy1234 (5 April 2013):
I'm a winner see my prize, your a looser who sits and cries Cool
mahmoud321 (2 April 2013):
i won the whole game
aramirez305 (1 April 2013):
Hard for me Sad  Wave
edjol123 (1 April 2013):
im the best Cool
arunsangam (31 March 2013):
very easy Happy  Clap hands
edjol123 (24 March 2013):
im the best
Mohammeds (21 March 2013):
good game
wunpini (21 March 2013):
Quite hard
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