Professional Goalkeeper

During Professional Goalkeeper you must choose a team from the Euro 2012 tournament and take them all the way to the final and hopefully become champions. In order to save move the mouse in the way of the ball. To gain a goal you must save 3 in a row but watch out if you let one it the opposition get a goal. The harder the team the more difficult it is to save, so get practicing and before you know you could be challenging for the title and be the next Iker Casillas and lift the Euro 2012 trophy.

Rating: 4.01 (339 votes) 4.01 out of 5
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AdfDf (11 August 2016):
That curve do!!!!! Hmm...
EvertonRocks123 (2 January 2015):
this is a terrible game @  @
Ronaldofan2001 (15 November 2014):
I chose England!
Group Stage:
England 2-3 France
England 3-2 Sweden
England 2-3 Ukraine

Knocked out in group stage finished 3rd! Rubbish game. This is a rip off of Goalkeeper Premier!  Hmm...  @
jayjed (4 October 2014):
Clap hands
SportsGuy2014 (4 October 2014):
This game is good, but not the best. I like the group stage alot, but I lost to Italy 5-1! It starts out easy, but it gets hard. My rating for this game is a 3.
Hassan Ibrahim (20 August 2014):
I will give that game a rating 2.5
Lee2cool (12 June 2014):
in final 3-0 to me Happy
Jyn (23 May 2014):
you've got it
Mapstone (8 February 2014):
Is it Good
manunited man (3 February 2014):
ANAS3307 (1 February 2014):
nice game
YoStuartYo11 (5 May 2013):
Got into final won with England and the score was 4-3 i got 4
sam03 (4 May 2013):
i won 8 - 5
drowzy17 (14 April 2013):
i lost in the final 3-1
Finniel messi (13 April 2013):
zarahmajumder (12 April 2013):
flippin bored out
yuronr (12 April 2013):
Yuron (12 April 2013)

i won in the finals
ITISANO (12 April 2013):
tooo slowww Sad
reece2003 (11 April 2013):
This game isnt very good it is just a bad version of the popular 'Goalkeeper Premier' and when the ball is looking like it is going right down the middle it swerves right to the bottom right which is very, very annoying!  Sad
danthedman (9 April 2013):
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