Learn to Fly 2

Learn to fly 2 is the sequel to the popular learn to fly. The story mode follows the exploits of your favorite penguin as he seeks revenge by jumping as far as he can and destroying as many icebergs as possible. Get as many points as you can so you can upgrade your penguin and jump even further. It's simple to play use left and right to direct your penguin and the spacebar to boost to get as far as possible.

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LEARN TO FLY 2 - Comments:
pele10 (21 June 2015):
got full omega stuff  Happy  Happy  Happy
EvertonRocks123 (11 June 2014):
i got the secret "brick" ps it STINKS
ghostkiller17 (16 May 2014):
Cool56 (4 May 2014):
i completed learn to fly 1 AND 2
bajancanadian40 (21 April 2014):
love this game played it so many times  Cool  Cool  Cool
BlurryCleric840 (15 February 2014):
awsome game Wave
skeleton1221 (14 February 2014):
This game is simple Wink
diablo 5 (14 February 2014):
Me and my friend have  12000 .
arsenal are the best (10 May 2013):
amazing game Happy  Happy
godzilasnake0liver5 (28 April 2013):
awesome 5 on 5 for me  Clap hands  Clap hands  Clap hands
davids (15 April 2013):
Kyle drumstick (10 April 2013):
macko48 (8 April 2013):
Completed story story mode in 68 penguin dayz! Happy  Clap hands
misiaczek07 (6 April 2013):
THIS IS EPIC!!  Happy  Wink  Wave
davids (6 April 2013):
i hope its good Hmm...
2old4this (4 April 2013):
very good game is just like potty racers! Cool  Clap hands
adam88 (3 April 2013):
this game is awesome Cool
calebisthedon (2 April 2013):
gr8 game very addictive  Clap hands  Wink
chelseafc (30 March 2013):
this game is out of this world
thomas11421 (30 March 2013):
amazing game Happy
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