Blast Up

Use your ball juggling skills to overcome the obstacles and knock down the pins in Blast Up. You'll need to accurate and use your imagination to outfox the cunning courses that lie ahead. Use the mouse and click to direct the football to reach the pins.

Rating: 3.99 (84 votes) 3.99 out of 5
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BLAST UP - Comments:
lilly (21 August 2016):
awsome game Happy   Clap hands  Clap hands
jadyn89 (30 March 2013):
good game couldn't make it Cool  Wave  Clap hands
lionelmessi556 (24 March 2013):
fiq how can you STAND this stupid game i can enjoy kissing my phone more than this unbelieveable games crap
SpeedySteve88 (18 March 2013):
this is an okay game. Hmm...
lewisduncan9 (17 March 2013):
mint this is the best site ever !!!
bradley12 (17 March 2013):
Hmm... not a good game
Striker111 (17 March 2013):
Worst game ever!! Sad
Fiq (16 March 2013):
I love this game
REAL BOY (14 March 2013):
real vs man citi 2 1
olsi domi (14 March 2013):
good game Cool  Cool
Prince4562 (13 March 2013):
This isn't good game  @
Mohammeds (12 March 2013):
good game
Lakshit (11 March 2013):
hi 2 all of u this game is ok Hmm...
CAmid08 (10 March 2013):
pretty sick game Cool  Wave
james malon (10 March 2013):
Hmm... i think its good i think
mohammad555 (10 March 2013):
is too good game  Clap hands  Wave
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