The Soul Driver

In soul driver you're on the run from the law after you run over a cop! Put your foot on the pedal because they really want to catch before you get to the sanctuary of the Mexican border. Drive using the arrow keys and if you ever think you're about to be caught use your boost by pressing spacebar. Avoid the obstacles and watch out for those pesky police cars as all they want to see you do is crash and burn! Get on the road, drive like a lunatic and reach Mexico. Simple! ;-)

Rating: 3.74 (77 votes) 3.74 out of 5
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EllisEGT8 (6 March 2020):
I drove all 42 miles! Happy  Clap hands
fp316 (25 September 2014):
fun not stupid Clap hands
fp316 (25 September 2014):
come and go fun game either way Cool
yan8809 (28 February 2013):
cool third to try it
HOOPER 88 (24 February 2013):
love it Cool
lucifer2000 (24 February 2013):
nice game
wayne rooney77 (23 February 2013):
Cool  Cool  Wink really good
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