Footy Rider

The worst thing that can happen to a football lover is running late to a game of football with his mates. This is what football rider is all about. Jump in your transport and get to your mates as quickly as possible performing insane tricks on the way on your motorbike or quad bike. Drive using the arrow keys, but watch out for obstacles on the way because they could make you crash on the way and seeing as you only have three lives for each level you don't want to be doing that. What are you waiting for your mates are waiting for you! Get on your bike and get to that football game!

Rating: 2.95 (107 votes) 2.95 out of 5
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FOOTY RIDER - Comments:
kinster5555 (14 December 2014):
its ok    
usergabe (20 February 2014):
bad bad bad no good game at all it is stupid Hmm...
Jaden118 (6 May 2013):
This game is the worse game in the entire universe
leedsunitedfan (20 March 2013):
stupid man Sad  
Wan Husainie (20 March 2013):
steven gerrard8 (17 March 2013):
keeps glithing
stephen666 (17 March 2013):
stupid game Sad
Striker111 (17 March 2013):
It's ok! mostly rubbish though!  Hmm...
Onur T. (16 March 2013):
harika oyun ("great game" in english)
Fiq (16 March 2013):
like this game
totti 10 (13 March 2013):
very nice game
Bennj002.310 (7 March 2013):
the game is alright
gangster56 (3 March 2013):
fantastic game
Jim10 (3 March 2013):
Bad game never play it so so bad its awful never lay Sad
fayaz442 (2 March 2013):
its alright Wink
Jonyboypro (2 March 2013):
never playin this again
dylanstuartwilson (27 February 2013):
is it a good game
ronaldo96 (26 February 2013):
worse game EVER  Sad (24 February 2013):
good game
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