Moto Rush

Race across the numerous entertaining, challenging and more importantly fun levels in Motor Rush. Choose your vehicle and get racing! However this is not restricted to a simple motorbike, you could race a monster truck snowboard and in later levels even, get ready for it.. BEARS! So complete the levels earning points to upgrade your rider/vehicle. Controlling is easy using the arrow keys to control your riders direction, space to jump and Z to release that all important nitro. Don't forget to be a daredevil on the ride, performing tricks to fill up the trickometer. The higher the bar the better the trick!

Rating: 2.96 (73 votes) 2.96 out of 5
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MOTO RUSH - Comments:
jacob9599 (8 March 2014):
cool game Wave  Wave  Wave
maeosoko (6 April 2013):
FUN GAME  Clap hands  Clap hands
DarkDudea (14 March 2013):
FUN GAME  Cool  Wink
kingkieran15 (26 February 2013):
quite good
lucifer2000 (24 February 2013):
nice game (23 February 2013):
HATE IT Sad  Sad
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