Neon Rider

Neon rider is incredibly simple to play using the W A S and D keys to move your retro motorbike. Not only this though use the arrow keys to change the color of your bike. Make your way through the increasingly difficult levels avoiding obstacles and holes in the course to pass to the next, perhaps even performing some backflips on the way. This game may be simple but watch out because you can quickly become very addicted to neon rider!

Rating: 3.48 (230 votes) 3.48 out of 5
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NEON RIDER - Comments:
FamedQuotient74 (9 March 2017):
gr8 game best racing one ive played in while
footballgamez11 (11 September 2016):
hard game also
footballgamez11 (11 September 2016):
Clap hands  Cool GOOD!!!
LOVE IT. TOOK ME A WEEK (28 May 2016):
i love it Happy  Happy  Happy
Edward Cound (19 December 2014):
not bad at all  Happy    Wink  @
haroldthe2 (22 February 2014):
i dont care i love it Happy
kainethehulk56 (21 February 2014):
tell me a bout it  i like this games so much Cool
kainethehulk56 (21 February 2014):
i know this is a good game Cool
funky52 (13 February 2014):
awesome gammmeee Happy  Happy
cj246 (3 February 2014):
best game ever plzs Happy
jasperashy (15 March 2013):
miahtt123 (14 March 2013):
its too too   easy!!
jasperashy (12 March 2013):
cool game probaly the best racing game ive played Wave  Cool
novak15 (23 February 2013):
beat game in less then an hour 59:59 min.
minicanon (18 February 2013):
gr8 game  Clap hands  Wave  Wave
jacob2926 (17 February 2013):
sick game Cool  Cool
willy (16 February 2013):
good game
cooldude (15 February 2013):
cool game Cool  Clap hands  Wink :p :o
cooldude (15 February 2013):
finished the hole thing in a day
dracosin77 (13 February 2013):
its cool
Cool  Cool  Cool
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