Flag Football

Join the thrilling world of gridiron in Flag Football and drive your team to victory. Simple to play and fun to learn this game takes you straight into the dramatic big game atmosphere where it's down to you to seal a famous win. ASDW keys move your men around and it's easy to set your pass with a click of the mouse. Move the cursor to aim your pass ahead of your receiver and watch how he runs onto it with the defence eating his dust.

Rating: 3.31 (204 votes) 3.31 out of 5
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fp316 (16 November 2016):
won another game 93-0 lol Happy
fp316 (10 February 2016):
i was pounders and won against the wild cats 51-3 Wave
ko_hankinator (25 March 2015):
At first, I didn't get the game, but then I got it and I beat the POUNDERS 73-14! Happy  Happy  Clap hands  4/5
manningfan337 (23 December 2014):
Too easy pounders 66-wildcats 21
manningfan337 (22 December 2014):
this game is too easy!! I just crushed the panthers as the Pounders 56-7
coolman55 (20 December 2014):
I'd say 2.5 stars outa 5
thegreat17890 (15 October 2014):
Ok GAME Hmm...
jdogg341 (11 October 2014):
this game is hard. i barly beaten the wildcats when i was the hornets. i won by a field goal. 30 to 28
loco2456 (3 October 2014):
Sad so hard Sad  Wave
NinerNiner (22 February 2014):
To complete a pass is hard  Sad
jojo2013www (22 January 2014):
godzilasnake0liver5 (27 April 2013):
not bad 2 stars 4 me Hmm...  Sad
angeltorres274 (26 April 2013):
You guys are jealous Wink
hitter30856 (10 April 2013):
This game is boring. Sad
hercalis (10 February 2013):
super awesome!!! Happy  Happy  Happy
c.ronaldo23 (1 February 2013):
why is it american football . american football is basicly more impact rugby Sad  Sad
barcelonaleonelmessi777 (29 January 2013):
so what is bad or good only you can decide (good) Clap hands    Happy
FOTTY FEM (28 January 2013):
It alright  Sad  but ill give it a 3 star
ArsenalFan10 (28 January 2013):
not easy  Sad
llamaman (28 January 2013):
American football is bad Sad
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