Snail Bob 2

Snail Bob 2 is the sequel to the incredibly popular snail bob. Anybody that managed to find snail bob a new home in the first game must try this game and help Bob get to his grandpa's birthday! Once again use the tools and hints on your way through the challenging levels to help Bob get to the birthday party. You must help this poor loveable snail! You're his only hope! Don't let Bob down and don't let his Grandpa down. So put your thinking cap on a make your way through all the levels!

Rating: 4.18 (72 votes) 4.18 out of 5
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SNAIL BOB 2 - Comments:
lwebb47 (7 September 2016):
I hated it
messi1001 (15 July 2016):
good Cool
messi2004 (9 May 2013):
I completed all of it I completed both
snail bob 1 and snail bob 2 Clap hands  Clap hands
daniel08 (19 April 2013):
I GOT TO LEVEL 19!!! Happy
almin67 (10 February 2013):
i got 6563 Happy
almin67 (10 February 2013):
best game ever i give it10/10 Clap hands
albi (2 February 2013):
i like this Cool
bigmonkey17 (28 January 2013):
this is awsome
van persie 10 (18 January 2013):
great game

as good as snail BOB 1
connor11 (12 January 2013):
good score 6580
sonichio (10 January 2013):
Well good!
FOOTBALLCHAMP (5 January 2013):
this game is fun
cristsiant (4 January 2013):
GOOD  GAME! Clap hands  Wave
lucifer2000 (4 January 2013):
awesome game Cool
lucifer2000 (4 January 2013):
the best Cool
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