Downhill Snowboard 3

Evade the avalanche, perform insane tricks to gain new characters, new boards and unlock other incredible courses. Downhill Snowboard is simple to play using the left and right arrow to rotate your rider and up to jump. Perform gnarly tricks with A, S, Z and X. Don't be over the top though otherwise the avalanche will catch you up and wipe you out! Make your way through the increasingly difficult level and become the king of downhill snowboarding! On your way unlocking wicked new boards and different snowboarders making you look even cooler on the mountains!

Rating: 3.81 (53 votes) 3.81 out of 5
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Andrea Halili 003 (19 August 2016):
the music makes it more exciting
Happy  Happy  Happy
xbot200 (21 November 2014):
super game  Cool  Clap hands
renshaw (2 June 2014):
this game is soo good is rely fun bye bye Happy
ajdin-ze (28 January 2014):
this game is awesome Cool  Cool  Cool
sh12 (24 April 2013):
i love this game Wave  Clap hands
Victor Valdes (2 February 2013):
awesome game Happy  Cool  Cool
cool12 (30 January 2013):
i sliced my head Hmm...
willy (26 January 2013):
good games
AxelBlaze13 (25 January 2013):
Awsome game this is
man1234567 (8 January 2013):
good game its epic Cool  Wave
beast190 (6 January 2013):
Sad  cant complete any levels
ramires922 (5 January 2013):
tolesxxx (4 January 2013):
lol epic Clap hands  Clap hands  Clap hands
lucifer2000 (4 January 2013):
cool game Cool
roccored (4 January 2013):
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