Sports Heads Football Championship

Sports Heads Football Championship is one of the most intense and addictive football games on the Internet. Pick your favorite premier league team and lead them to glory by scoring the most goals in an action packed 1 minute. Move your player with arrow key using the up arrow to jump and spacebar to shoot. In an attempt to increase your chances of victory aim to get the various power ups by either moving your player into them or kicking the ball over them. Good luck, but beware this game is dangerously addictive.

Rating: 4.05 (8809 votes) 4.05 out of 5
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Shaun Portelli (2 July 2015):
Best game with Man U Cool
edjol123 (28 June 2015):
It's all right
AD3R50N XD (28 June 2015):
can never win but still think games overall pretty cool Cool  Happy  Wave
spyros724 (25 June 2015):
it's great Clap hands
Shaun Portelli (20 June 2015):
worst game, too bad.
ronaldo6161 (12 May 2015):
be everttton fellainis afro helps lol I support man u
Sturridge10 (12 May 2015):
I have won every match its so easy to play Happy  Wink  Cool
xWOWZABOYx (11 May 2015):
awesome   Cool  Clap hands
Sturridge10 (8 May 2015):
my favourite yes love it Happy  Wink  Cool
kinster5555 (8 May 2015):
i love this game
SATHISHVAR (29 April 2015):
Cool super game
Shaun Portelli (24 April 2015):
Sometimes win, sometimes lose. Clap hands
Shaun Portelli (23 April 2015):
Moving good with Chelses, moving good Hmm...
Shaun Portelli (18 April 2015):
I am loving this game a bit, but not too much. Hmm...
coolman55 (17 April 2015):
as if rizwan lier
rizwan.parambil1234 (17 April 2015):
rizwan.parambil1234 (16 April 2015):
i won 100-0 with arsenal when i was west brom
Shaun Portelli (12 April 2015):
Sad  Hmm...  Sad
Kyle drumstick (11 April 2015):
luka modric at tottehgan and fellaini at everton god this was a while ago Happy  Happy  Happy
Kyle drumstick (10 April 2015):
i won with bolton yayayayay btw i live in bolton
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