Sports Heads Football Championship

Sports Heads Football Championship is one of the most intense and addictive football games on the Internet. Pick your favorite premier league team and lead them to glory by scoring the most goals in an action packed 1 minute. Move your player with arrow key using the up arrow to jump and spacebar to shoot. In an attempt to increase your chances of victory aim to get the various power ups by either moving your player into them or kicking the ball over them. Good luck, but beware this game is dangerously addictive.

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JAE1HUNNA (17 February 2019):
everytime i play game 33 it says that i drew the game. in game 33 i beat man city 2-0 and it said it was a draw. and i won every single game before that
JAE1HUNNA (17 February 2019):
won 11-0 against bolton Clap hands
JAE1HUNNA (13 February 2019):
just beat blackburn 8-0
JAE1HUNNA (13 February 2019):
JUST BEAT BOLTON 10-1 Clap hands
coolboomy (1 May 2017):
GG A 8 goal thriller in my first game of season!  Wave  Cool  Clap hands  Wink
footycool (29 April 2017):
Clap hands  Clap hands  Clap hands game is amazing won with Norwich
football (28 April 2017):
Hi Johan1719, nice to meet you Happy
There are no high-scores for this game!
Johan1719 (28 April 2017):
Whoever is the owner of this site pls show where the high score are
Johan1719 (28 April 2017):
I had a goal difference of 158 and 103 points. Happy  Happy  Cool  Cool
coolboomy (24 April 2017):
I won with Aston Villa 6-3
9 GOAL THRILLER HA..HA..GGAV Wave  Clap hands  Wave
coolboomy (23 April 2017):
ET360HD (13 April 2017):
cool game Happy
Mako (9 April 2017):
Where are the high scores?
masud1122 (1 April 2017):
masud1122 (1 April 2017):
callum (31 March 2017):
won league with spurs highest score 25 !!! Happy  Happy  Happy
Rafa14 (12 March 2017):
cool and good
penguinio (18 January 2017):
won the league with man city highest score 20
Newcastle96 (13 January 2017):
Won the League with Wigan!!
coolboomy (8 January 2017):
aston villa won the cup..HA HA..GGAV
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