Sports Heads Football Championship

Sports Head Football Championship is one of the most intense and addictive football games on the Internet. Pick your favorite premier league team and lead them to glory by scoring the most goals in an action packed 1 minute. Move your player with arrow key using the up arrow to jump and spacebar to shoot. In an attempt to increase your chances of victory aim to get the various power ups by either moving your player into them or kicking the ball over them. Good luck, but beware this game is dangerously addictive.

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namitgeorge777 (19 April 2014):
nyc game
Wink  Wink   Hmm...
awesomennes1 (18 April 2014):
Chelsea 12-0 Man Utd. Rooney missed a open goal Wink
blizzard200080 (18 April 2014):
blackburn won 3-2 againt united  Sad
armaan123 (18 April 2014):
man u vs liverpool 30-2 Happy
chicorito (17 April 2014):
won league 1 draw 37 wins
Happy   Happy  Clap hands
blizzard200080 (17 April 2014):
4-3 final score i got beat by wolves
blizzard200080 (17 April 2014):
3 sec left rooney scores and wins the game although i don't  like rooney   Wave
armaan123 (17 April 2014):
36-0 man u vs chelsea
abdul65 (15 April 2014):
lovely wished i  Happy
HazardLegde17 (15 April 2014):
gd game love it  Happy
sri 3232 (15 April 2014):
arsenal 22-1 vs everton Sad  Sad  Sad
Barca_11_Soccer (14 April 2014):
1st in league! Man. City !!
Barca_11_Soccer (14 April 2014):
This game is cool  Clap hands  Cool  Wave
blizzard200080 (14 April 2014):
won sunderland 3-5 Clap hands
blizzard200080 (14 April 2014):
this game is awesome i always play it in school Cool  Cool
Robinho 53 (13 April 2014):
whats wrong this game.. it does not want to play on my computer
Robinho 53 (13 April 2014):
this game does not want to play by me
abdul65 (13 April 2014):
won the league finished in 1st won cup Clap hands  Wave  Cool
ollier4 (12 April 2014):
i love this me
abdul65 (12 April 2014):
finally won the sports heads cup for playing
a season  Hmm...  @  Happy
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