European Soccer Champions

European soccer champions is an extremely challenging, addictive football game. Face different opponents as you make your way through the competition and attempt to become the champion. Don't get put off by the loud cheering crown and become a hero by score that last minute winner. To move use the arrow keys and double tap them to dribble. While attacking shoot with Z, pass with X and hit a long ball with C and while defending change player with X and put in a crunching tackle with C. Get on the football pitch and do yourself proud!

Rating: 1.10 (41 votes) 1.10 out of 5
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djmeikle2000 (12 April 2017):
bale786 (20 January 2017):
THIS GAME IS AWSOME! (13 January 2017):
this game is good better then Dkicker1
and he scoes 2
anagbasistanley (3 January 2017):
nice game
benbob12888 (16 December 2016):
crashes Sad
Kurt_Schneider343 (28 July 2016):
Happy  Happy very nice game
crushw2 (18 July 2016):
rubbish Sad  
ArsenalStar (16 July 2016):
Good Game  Happy
zaw gyi (26 June 2016):
Dannybee (30 May 2016):
Am stuck here sum help
kptheverybest (16 April 2016):
good game Wave
mi20015 (28 February 2016):
I like this game!!!
mi20015 (28 February 2016):
This is my favorite game probably!!! Happy    Wink  @
mi20015 (28 February 2016):
The best game in this website so far to me I just love it!!! Happy  Hmm...  Clap hands
eddie kramer (29 November 2015):
best game
RKA (27 October 2015):
I'm Barcelona bac100-real-0  Wink
Srijanak (19 October 2015):
MISHA (20 June 2015):
GOOD GAME  Clap hands  Clap hands  Clap hands
SparkboySwagger (15 April 2015):
i hate when sometimes u throw in it keeps doing it forever... Sad
Hassan Ibrahim (9 April 2015):
lionel messi10 and mafia dragon are lieing
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