Freaky Football

In Freaky Football game your target is scoring a touch down like at the regular American Football game. Eating the beans you enlarge your energy, avoid the bombs on the field and try to escape the defensive players. Going through the levels the number of the defensive players is going up..2..3..4.Controls for this game are: Arrow keys to move and space bar to jump. Have fun.

Rating: 3.72 (267 votes) 3.72 out of 5
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RYANLH919 (2 March 2015):
1600 points. Happy
Good game
jaimen (20 March 2014):
so cool lol Sad
$$Mark$$ (8 February 2013):
I`m only starting the game
But the page cover is good Clap hands
timmi2000 (5 July 2012):
this game is awesome
ninjamaster31 (5 February 2012):
1145  Clap hands
mesnaldo12 (1 February 2012):
me 2 62
liansang (24 January 2012):
my best score is 180
don23 (21 January 2012):
ill beat u any time
lilkillbil (7 January 2012):
highest score 1588  Cool groovy
kelvin123456789 (7 January 2012):
not the best game Sad
haru (5 December 2011):
my best score is 140  Happy
jackll (24 May 2011):
good game
Gloucesterboy55 (29 April 2011):
i like it! Clap hands
frankie98 (18 March 2011):
yazeed99 (16 January 2011):
mr. fernandes commented in my birthday Happy
Bearsfan4ever (15 November 2010):
it's okay.I don't get the piont Wink
JASON 1 (17 August 2010):
this is sick because i hane plyed the football version of it BET LEVEL 9 Cool  Happy
semo (28 July 2010):
it is cool Cool  Clap hands  Happy
england123x (28 June 2010):
wicked thats sick  Happy
sat (21 April 2010):
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