He Scores

He Scores! may look difficult at first but actually it's very simple to play, you can score a goal after only two mouse clicks. All you have to do is:

1. CLICK on the red target clip

as that is the place where your teammate is going to pass the ball to you. While your player is running use your mouse to pick a direction and

2. CLICK again to make a shoot.

Although you don't have to kick the ball immediately if you don't want to. If you don't make the second mouse click, your player will just push the ball in the direction of your pointer, so that you can make a shoot from another position.

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HE SCORES - Comments:
thiago barreira (16 October 2019):
alguem sabe como jogar a versao completa?
(Eng) Does anyone know how to play the full version?
mojtaba.eslami (30 October 2016):
boring Sad
peter@hamza-electric.co.u (28 September 2016):
liverpool 3-2 arsenal
liverpool 4-0 rangers
2-1 real madrid
4-3 barcelona
I won with Liverpool easy match dude
peter@hamza-electric.co.u (28 September 2016):
liverpool final score vs rangers 5-3
peter@hamza-electric.co.u (26 September 2016):
real madrid 4-1 rangers 3-2 arsenal 2-1 milan final: 3-4 bayern munches great game.
peter@hamza-electric.co.u (23 September 2016):
i love this game  Happy  Happy  Happy
Adamstar (18 September 2016):
won Happy  Happy
PRODECO_14 (30 June 2016):
looks good but is it
Cool  Cool
manurules (31 December 2015):
lost to r madrid
manurules (31 December 2015):
i beat barca!!! Happy  Wave  Cool
manurules (31 December 2015):
i lost in the finals
ManchesterUnited89! (25 September 2015):
Great GAME! Cool  Wave  Wave
pele10 (4 August 2015):
i played a el classico in the last 16 Hmm...
pele10 (20 June 2015):
76 points
kevingoku231 (21 April 2015):
it's fantastic game
Youngflow11 (19 December 2014):
its rubish Hmm...  Sad
improudalgerian (7 December 2014):
i win all the time with real Cool  Wave
Ronaldofan2001 (19 October 2014):
Round of 16:
Barcelona 2-1 Rangers
Quarter final:
Barcelona 4-2 Schalke 04
Semi Final:
Barcelona 1-3 Arsenal

@ but good game Clap hands
GERRARD12345678910 (28 September 2014):
love this Clap hands  Wave
pele10 (10 June 2014):
1\16 Manchester United 4-2 Fluminense
1\8  Manchester United 2-1 Estudiantes
1\4  Manchester United 2-1 Bayer Leverkusen
1\2  Manchester United 1-2 Marselle
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