Messi's Halloween Shootout

Move Messi with your mouse, left click to take a shot and score as many points as possible. You score points by scoring goals or hitting the big pumpkin when he runs by. Happy Halloween! :)

Rating: 3.53 (2049 votes) 3.53 out of 5
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emuwonderland (1 December 2016):
31000 Cool  Cool  Happy
foot (8 November 2016):
the game is really sick
tharun365 (3 October 2016):
wasteee  @  Hmm...
JESSE (4 August 2016):
good game
Football Boss (22 May 2016):
awesome Wave
challenge guy (18 March 2016):
not that good.  Sad  Sad
quite good  Wink  Wink  Wave
Adamstar (23 October 2015):
it is good @  Cool
The Football Fan (17 December 2014):
its so sick i"m not lying Cool
messi301910 (15 December 2014):
lov this game also NOT with ronaldA
Bent789 (1 November 2014):
Good game
Bennj002.310 (31 October 2014):
i love this game got 1800
dinojesus9854 (20 October 2014):
awesome game Wave  Wave
RitzStar (13 October 2014):
Cool Game.... Wave  Happy
khaled2233 (8 October 2014):
1200 i getting better and better in this game Happy  Happy  
NITHU DUKE7 (27 September 2014):
NOW I SCORED 1400 Happy
fcxc jr (19 September 2014):
amazing Clap hands  Wave
yayya7 (26 August 2014):
go messi
RUSEV_THE_MASTER (25 August 2014):
this game is awsome just like speed scorrer 2
messi301910 (11 June 2014):
the messi one is better than CR7&POOP games
saphirslimani04 (31 May 2014):
1300. better than my last score by 500
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