Fifa Cup - Hidden Footballs

Your job is to detect the balls around the stadium in Fifa Cup - Hidden Footballs. You are taken to a large stadium and control a camera. You can move your camera around with the mouse and zoom in to find the carefully hidden footballs. It's a race against the clock to find them all and it's not as easy as it looks in this fun and challenging game.

Rating: 3.28 (262 votes) 3.28 out of 5
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BERAAMITK (23 December 2015):
yo! honeysingh
BIGSEXY (26 March 2014):
cool game
Finley18 (29 April 2013):
cool game
man city are cool (8 April 2013):
cool game  Cool  Clap hands
lolanater (29 March 2013):
lol i done it all Clap hands  Wave  Happy
jack paterson (18 March 2013):
on last level just can't find last one
Jonyboypro (17 March 2013):
can't even complete level one
Esseeja (8 February 2013):
Level 4 Clap hands
Esseeja (8 February 2013):
Clap hands  Clap hands good and nice game.
cristiano2323 (13 January 2013):
final score 7754  Cool
cristiano2323 (13 January 2013):
its easy
Ronaldo358 (8 December 2012):
yeah that what the game
i want to play
Ronaldo358 (8 December 2012):
pretty fun Cool  Clap hands
FOOTY9 (7 December 2012):
this game looks like a good game Clap hands  Clap hands  Hmm...
luisd (7 December 2012):
Went to level 5 kind of hard Happy  Wave  Hmm...
lampard748 (5 December 2012):
good but hard Hmm...
arsenal4eva (5 December 2012):
music is very catchy its time for africa!! classic game not boring at all
arsenal4eva (5 December 2012):
plzzz help wheres the 2nd to last ball Sad
c.ronaldo23 (3 December 2012):
level 2 is easy
bob the lemon3552 (2 December 2012):
the most best game I have ever played it
is so brillant Clap hands  Clap hands
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