How Not To Throw In

Ever tried to emulate a fancy dan move and later regretted it? Oh yes, check out how not to throw in on the soccer pitch…do not try this one at home…or away.

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adaskarol (21 July 2015):
I would not like to
Taarabt7 (23 February 2014):
OMG that is epic Happy Think about if you did that in your Sunday Game Cool  Cool  Cool  LOL
arsenalkilleen10 (29 March 2013):
Did any 1 else c the foul throw? Wink
podolski9 (15 January 2013):
1st  one that was long never seen  a  throw like it 2nd one must of hurt
mccartneyc (28 December 2012):
haha did that hurt not suprised but it was funny haha
Ronaldo Fail (27 November 2012):
That must of hurt like hell......
......but is sooo funny! Wave  Cool  Happy
kyran (22 November 2012):
superbill u make no sense Sad
jackjack1214 (21 November 2012):
wow that must really hurt!?!?! Sad
MalHond (15 November 2012):
OMF That was so funny i think my BRO died from LOLing
Clap hands  Wink
novak15 (12 November 2012):
slowmo looks more painful than normal speed.
alex3434 (12 November 2012):
when the soccer player was doing push up's it looked ugly Hmm...
wilhalm199 (11 November 2012):
Heard a bad word @ really hurts too Clap hands  Clap hands
SuperBill (31 October 2012):
It was a foul throw anyway but nice flip Cool  Cool  Cool
SuperBill (31 October 2012):
Funniest video in football I have ever seen. When they shout "HE GOT IN THE WAY" i'm like well he did Cool  Cool  Cool
Meca (29 October 2012):
alright but i was expecting a game but still lol Sad  Clap hands  Happy
alkoner (28 October 2012):
it's realy hurts!!! Wave  Wave
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