4x4 Soccer

4x4 Soccer is not your conventional soccer game, instead of taking control of people you are trying to win an international soccer tournament while driving trucks! Controlling them is simple, using the arrow keys the move and the spacebar used to perform handbrake turns. Position your car in attempt to score, as many goals as possible against the opposition team. Although difficult to master when you do you'll be completely addicted trying to lead your country to 4x4 soccer glory along with your truck driving teammate.

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4X4 SOCCER - Comments:
picinko (6 January 2021):
i love this game
SharkKillerGamerBoy (31 October 2020):
Wow Good Game
loki (27 April 2020):
great...AMAZING game Happy  Clap hands
coronaldo123 (18 February 2020):
great game
Clap hands  Cool
Harry Potter (9 December 2019):
Bloody hard to control the vehicle  Sad
l xGrindin l (15 July 2019):
Good game Happy  Happy
TheWinterBeest (7 February 2019):
13 total goals
0 goals against

lets go  Cool
The dark shadow (10 April 2017):
I hate when the cars hit you then you drift out of control smh  Sad  @  Hmm...
The dark shadow (1 April 2017):
i am the best Wink  Happy  Clap hands
smellymeadow (16 March 2017):
i got 19 home goals
smellymeadow (16 March 2017):
i hate when the toher team and ur teamate hits u and u drift out of control it just pisses me off
smellymeadow (10 March 2017):
i beat norway 9-0 semi finals
smellymeadow (9 March 2017):
i hate my stupid teammate
smellymeadow (9 March 2017):
i beat england 5-0 first match
smellymeadow (9 March 2017):
love it hate the bots there a holes
saywhat (3 February 2017):
cool game Clap hands  Clap hands  Clap hands
harish543 (10 September 2016):
Wink  Happy take think sad away that is the game over all
harish543 (10 September 2016):
awesome means awesome Clap hands  Wave
harish543 (4 September 2016):
my team usa scores 2.0 vs argentina 4.0 vs mexico 3.0 vs coartia finals 7.0 vs spain i won home goals 14 guest goals 2 lol Wink  Happy
adaskarol (13 August 2016):
LOL i was germany
5:0 vs japan
4:1 vs france
5:2 vs spain
3:2 vs argantina i won!     home goals 17   guest goals 5 score 12? Cool  Cool  Cool
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