4x4 Soccer

4x4 Soccer is not your conventional soccer game, instead of taking control of people you are trying to win an international soccer tournament while driving trucks! Controlling them is simple, using the arrow keys the move and the spacebar used to perform handbrake turns. Position your car in attempt to score, as many goals as possible against the opposition team. Although difficult to master when you do you'll be completely addicted trying to lead your country to 4x4 soccer glory along with your truck driving teammate.

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4X4 SOCCER - Comments:
MAFIA DRAGON (21 September 2014):
Brazil won
Mohammeds (21 September 2014):
good game

Cool  Wave
zebhhv (23 August 2014):
great game
Hassan Ibrahim (20 August 2014):
Awesome game Happy
XDEMONX (3 August 2014):
won with argentina
manchester unitede rules (2 August 2014):
Won as England Cool  Cool  Cool
powerup456 (26 May 2014):
so cool Happy  Clap hands
DILLBOY23 (24 May 2014):
first match 12 goals
Gabriel122 (23 May 2014):
My Team is Argentina Clap hands  Clap hands
Arnav (22 May 2014):
powerup456 (20 May 2014):
Happy this is so cool
simo96 (19 May 2014):
i won many times  Happy  @
Gabriel122 (19 May 2014):
My team never socres a gol in this game. Sad  Hmm...
simo96 (18 May 2014):
i won the cup with brazil  Wink  Wave  Clap hands
simo96 (18 May 2014):
so nice game
Gabriel122 (18 May 2014):
I love this game.  Clap hands  Clap hands
crowndavid (15 May 2014):
i like this game i can beat evrybody Cool
$YOLOSWAG$ (13 May 2014):
i sweaty it like on fifa 14
$YOLOSWAG$ (13 May 2014):
i can never win the cup
dfrog88 (2 May 2014):
Team mate is annoying Sad  Why are Greece so hard? Hmm...
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