Goalkeeper Premier

The aim of Goalkeeper premier: save as many shots at goal as possible. Do this by moving your mouse in order to move the goalkeeper. Choose your favorite team in the English league and progress all the way to the final and hopefully become champion. Every time you save a shot you gain one glove and if you catch it you get 2. After you’ve accumulated 3 gloves you gain a goal. But watch out! If you let in a goal the opposition gains a glove and the dream of becoming a champion and becoming the next Joe Hart may just disappear.

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rizwan.parambil1234 (30 January 2015):
lost in the semis Sad  Sad  Sad
TjLutete (27 January 2015):
my score was 8 hahaha but the game is good though Happy  Happy  Happy
Yaffakakez (25 January 2015):
I cant win but i did get past 2 rounds with bolton but i support everton Happy
adhd123 (25 January 2015):
this game is bad
Yaffakakez (24 January 2015):
Im so bad  Sad
rope123 (24 January 2015):
Southampton !!! :D
coolman55 (23 January 2015):
lost in final round great game
mousab_2000 (18 January 2015):
fantastic game  Wave  Wave  Wave
matchoftheday (17 January 2015):
easy won first time as manu Wave  Hmm...
brightonfan (13 January 2015):
brightonfan (12 January 2015):
I got a score of 9094 Clap hands  Clap hands
brightonfan (12 January 2015):
love this game i am also a brighton fan, i wentupto london and saw charlton brighton we won 1-0 Happy  Happy
brightonfan (12 January 2015):
WOW another brighton fan awesome i went up to london to watch them!!! it was awesome.
We won 1-0. Happy  Happy  Happy
syauqi8080 (6 January 2015):
chelsea 3  -  2 leyton orient  chelsea 0-4 swindo                                        
chelsea 3  -  2 woking                            town Cool  Cool  Cool
syauqi8080 (5 January 2015):
i  wins Manchester city 3-0 charlton athletic  Wink  Wink  Wave
Kamran (3 January 2015):
Clap hands lost 4-1 against bimminghum city in the firs round as Chelsea LOL Wave
EvertonRocks123 (3 January 2015):
I know! Hmm...  Hmm...
Wazee77 (1 January 2015):
Good game but what I don't get is why the goalkeeper doesn't have any arms just hands. Clap hands  Clap hands  Hmm...
Tin Ribs United (31 December 2014):
Round 1 Brighton 3 - 1 Hemel Hempstead
2 Brighton 2 - 1 Gillingham 3 brighton 3 - 1 Stocksbridge Park Steels 4 Brighton 1 - 4 Exeter City
Tin Ribs United (31 December 2014):
As a Brighton And Hove Albion fan i played as them and won in the final against Manchester United.New manager for Brighton in real life: Chris Hughton. Come on you seagulls!
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