Goalkeeper Premier

The aim of Goalkeeper premier: save as many shots at goal as possible. Do this by moving your mouse in order to move the goalkeeper. Choose your favorite team in the English league and progress all the way to the final and hopefully become champion. Every time you save a shot you gain one glove and if you catch it you get 2. After you’ve accumulated 3 gloves you gain a goal. But watch out! If you let in a goal the opposition gains a glove and the dream of becoming a champion and becoming the next Joe Hart may just disappear.

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edjol123 (28 June 2015):
I won with Manchester United Happy  They are the best team in U.K better then Chelsea,Liverpool,man.city and Arsenal!!
RAHMAN007 (27 June 2015):
Sometimes the physics in this game are just sooo bad... Sad
RAHMAN007 (24 June 2015):
Manchester United Rule!! Happy  Happy
RAHMAN007 (20 June 2015):
Brilliant Clap hands
Shaun Portelli (13 June 2015):
I love this game and I ALWAYS try my best. Wave  Clap hands  Cool
Sturridge10 (8 May 2015):
I am mint at this game i have won in every final and in every game i have played its mint. Cool  Wave  Wink
Hassan Ibrahim (4 May 2015):
GREAT GAME Cool  Happy  Wave
Alvin7 (15 April 2015):
Awesome Game Cool Clap hands  Cool
Goalie101 (11 April 2015):
The highest I've gotten is the final round. But i can never beat this game. It's awesome. If you haven't played it yet I highly recommend it!!! Clap hands  Clap hands
as (4 April 2015):
i won all the matches Happy  Happy  Happy
Straco4 (29 March 2015):
Tricky but very fun  Happy
Taarabt7 (29 March 2015):
as (29 March 2015):
i won to man u Happy  Wave  Clap hands
Rooney rocks (24 March 2015):
I won the cup with Man United 2-0 in the finals! Clap hands  Happy  Wave
coolfootballer50 (17 March 2015):
sick game blad Clap hands
GerrardDrishti8 (6 March 2015):
great game but i cant play it well
GerrardDrishti8 (6 March 2015):
i am not good in this game  Sad
Shaun Portelli (21 February 2015):
Today is my Birthday AND I went good in this game, like ALWAYS. Cool  Wave
Shaun Portelli (14 February 2015):
Shaun Portelli (12 February 2015):
Liverpool win 5-0 with Chelsea, Man. City, Man. Utd and Tottenham.   Happy  Cool  Wave
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