Goalkeeper Premier

The aim of Goalkeeper premier: save as many shots at goal as possible. Do this by moving your mouse in order to move the goalkeeper. Choose your favorite team in the English league and progress all the way to the final and hopefully become champion. Every time you save a shot you gain one glove and if you catch it you get 2. After you’ve accumulated 3 gloves you gain a goal. But watch out! If you let in a goal the opposition gains a glove and the dream of becoming a champion and becoming the next Joe Hart may just disappear.

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Alex Calabrese (20 May 2016):
Somehow I managed to win it on the 27th try. Did it with Stocksbridge Park Steels; Jamie Vardy is having a party. Clap hands  Clap hands  Clap hands
wavy Clap hands
alexiswag12 (6 May 2016):
good game  Clap hands  Clap hands  Clap hands
Adamstar (5 March 2016):
great10/10 Happy  Happy
hgvch (21 February 2016):
AWESOME GAME Happy  Sad  Cool  Clap hands
shanun_LA013 (5 February 2016):
most aewwwsome goalkeeper exxxperience....
lava315 (24 January 2016):
I won for my first time!!! YAY I won with Swansea City.  Wave  Wave  Cool
Felelolie (18 January 2016):
Won every game by at least 5, then lost in the final 5-0  Happy  Happy
tottenham123 (9 January 2016):
won with tottenham hotspur good game Clap hands
alexiswag12 (23 December 2015):
Won every game by at least 5, then los in the final 7-0 Sad  Sad  Sad
alexiswag12 (22 December 2015):
ur luck turned Happy
southcarolina (17 December 2015):
won 6-0
southcarolina (12 December 2015):
lost 9-0
edjol123 (9 November 2015):
man utd is kings of premier league with 20 league cups!!! Get recked
IFRAN THE BOSS (8 November 2015):
OMG OMG.....LOST IN THE FINAL 4-1 Clap hands  Wink
Jack.Thelander (8 November 2015):
good game, should have more teams, some international teams etc
IFRAN THE BOSS (25 October 2015):
I lost in the quater final with the gunners 3-1 total points-344 Sad
t0531769f (23 October 2015):
i WIN IT Wave
Tin Ribs United (21 October 2015):
Could You Please Recommend Any Games. On this website...
football123abc (21 October 2015):
love thos game
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