Goalkeeper Premier

The aim of Goalkeeper premier: save as many shots at goal as possible. Do this by moving your mouse in order to move the goalkeeper. Choose your favorite team in the English league and progress all the way to the final and hopefully become champion. Every time you save a shot you gain one glove and if you catch it you get 2. After you’ve accumulated 3 gloves you gain a goal. But watch out! If you let in a goal the opposition gains a glove and the dream of becoming a champion and becoming the next Joe Hart may just disappear.

Rating: 4.18 (2881 votes) 4.18 out of 5
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Griezmann_7 (15 February 2019):
Awesome Game - Griezmann_7
9fred (16 April 2017):
soooo bad
aomar (28 March 2017):
i won  Clap hands  Clap hands  Clap hands
aomar (28 March 2017):
Best Game Ever  Clap hands  Clap hands  Clap hands
Adamstar (10 March 2017):
LOVE IT Happy  Happy
Adamstar (27 February 2017):
love it
Adamstar (23 February 2017):
arsenal3 west brom 0

i was arenal
peter@hamza-electric.com (8 January 2017):
game is like an awesome goalie like number 1 that was amazing game 5 stars for both.
beast567 (27 December 2016):
i actually won without conceding any goals after 3 days of practice
oumar10 (25 December 2016):
I won 2 1
oumar10 (25 December 2016):
zlatanmu9 (3 December 2016):
Such a cool game Clap hands
H11Chelsea (2 December 2016):
Why does the ball always go in after the save? It's a silly logic!  Sad  Sad
Really Madrid (27 November 2016):
Very good
Uwonnago (25 November 2016):
arrrmmim terrible Sad  Sad
lewandowskifan5 (24 November 2016):
I won with man utd against watford 5-1  Wave  Wave game is awesome
Alex Calabrese (21 November 2016):
I was so close...
i lost 2-1 in the final, and i had two gloves, but the shot went over and I didn't get a glove.
Sad  Sad  Sad
FaNt TwiisT (5 November 2016):
Liverpool 0 - 6 Ashton Utd
I was Liverpool..
Siddhant Kokne (30 October 2016):
Awesome Clap hands  Clap hands  Clap hands  
Taarabt7 (28 October 2016):
great game
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