Quarterback KO

Your team players are running on the field well covered by defensive players from the defense team. Use the mouse to complete clear passes to your teammates by pressing the left mouse button and release when you see that the player is free to get the ball. Quickly, click again to fake the pass allowing your receivers to get open on field.

Rating: 2.99 (184 votes) 2.99 out of 5
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Arsenal123 (25 January 2014):
really rubbish
isaiah203 (23 December 2012):
the worst game ever Sad
miller41114@yahoo.com (4 December 2012):
this is the worst game i ever played Sad
nykese getting girl jones (10 February 2012):
this game is the best game ever.
kenan10 (4 February 2012):
what the hell this is worst game ever made Sad
matthewik90 (30 September 2010):
maybe   Hmm...
samlint (5 September 2010):
Clap hands  hi
Turbospeed911 (27 June 2010):
Hmm...  Hmm...  Hmm... does this go good with american football?
That is the question...
youngd567 (2 February 2010):
bra is this raw r wat Hmm...
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