New Star Soccer

New Star Soccer is a very detailed game that will follow your rise in the professional game of football. First of all pass your trial with simple passing routines and shooting exercises until you are given a contract by a lower league club. Then work your way up into the high leagues and become the next Wayne Rooney or Lionel Messi. All you need to play is a mouse; simply clicking and dragging in order to kick the ball, move your player or intercept a pass. New Star Soccer is very easy to pick up and before you know it you'll be hooked. So choose your players name and rise through the ranks!

Rating: 4.26 (7864 votes) 4.26 out of 5
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joni carter (14 October 2016):
man this is sick
KingAndyMan1 (29 September 2016):
This game is awesome bro
Liverpool_14 (25 September 2016):
I'm loving this game, I'm on my 8th season Clap hands
ishan19 (12 September 2016):
nice one Wink  Cool
hathong2005 (11 September 2016):
game is good
messivaibhav (8 September 2016):
good game Clap hands
messivaibhav (7 September 2016):
5 goals and 3 assists

Cool  Cool  Happy
batman84047 (1 September 2016):
great game Clap hands  Happy
AdfDf (10 August 2016):
I think I got to Liga BBVA quickly. It took me only 1 season to get there Wave  Wave
AdfDf (9 August 2016):
Yes I agree @RKA
joni carter (8 August 2016):
AdfDf (7 August 2016):
This is a good game when it does not lag Sad  Hmm...  Wink
EpicGuy2007 (4 August 2016):
this game is amazing  Happy
joni carter (3 August 2016):
Football Boss (22 July 2016):
love it Cool  Cool
Bearswag1216 (21 July 2016):
Doesn't save your progress sometimes Hmm...  Sad
APPU (5 June 2016):
@ RKA I agree with u
joni carter (2 June 2016):
nss is cool
joni carter (1 June 2016):
love this nss
Bestplayerever (31 May 2016):
nice game  Cool  Cool  Cool
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