Euro 2012 One on One

Euro 2012 1 on 1 is exactly how the title sounds. Make your way through the tournament while controlling one player from the team you choose. Use the up, left and right arrow key to control your player in an attempt to score past your opposition. Be careful though, don't be caught out offside or touch the ball three times in a row otherwise you'll be penalized and that could hamper your bid to become the champion and lift that all-important trophy! You could be the Iker Casillas and win the European championship.

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EURO 2012 ONE ON ONE - Comments:
davidvilla33 (24 March 2014):
quite tough,how can i win? Sad  Wink
omarjmo (26 January 2014):
im number 2 this week!
dogtastic2011 (25 January 2014):
crap I get whopped every single time and I mean it so WHAT THE HELL!
ahmed5581 (22 January 2014):
am 11th place in the leaderboard Wave  yayHappy
ahmed5581 (22 January 2014):
i lost 8-2
Clap hands
SPY@ttacker24286 (17 January 2014):
boring games Sad
massep (12 May 2013):
win final 5-3 spain-portugal
albi (10 May 2013):
i win the finel with england
massep (30 April 2013):
i lost final Spain 3-4Germani..but game is good  Clap hands
realmadrid9225 (29 April 2013):
its very buggy for me Hmm...  Hmm...
RMA4EVER (19 March 2013):
Very good but hard but it makes me fun  Wave  Clap hands
bradley12 (17 March 2013):
Clap hands  good game
chocolocoboohoo (31 January 2013):
lost 12-1
RMA4EVER (18 January 2013):
Very Good But Very Hard  Sad  Wave  Wink
Rajikar (3 December 2012):
I SMASHED ALL 3 ROUNDS, Q-F = 11-2, S-F= 12-0 AND FINALS = 7-1
vuze24 (23 November 2012):
lost 10 - 2 with portugal
barcelonaleonelmessi (3 November 2012):
this hard how do you play  Sad  Hmm...
othorn (25 October 2012):
Cool  Cool brillant! won every game!
lucifer2000 (25 October 2012):
my best is 3023 (won with england)
lucifer2000 (25 October 2012):
i won with england my best score- 3010
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