In order to play penalty simply click on the football and drag in the direction you want to kick it and as hard as you want too in order to score a goal but don't be too powerful otherwise you'll miss the target. The aim is to score the penalty in order to progress through the many challenging levels. It wont all be plain sailing though, on the way you'll find unusual obstacles including clowns and cupid to keep you on your toes and test your penalty taking skills. So watch out and shoot your way to glory!

Rating: 4.17 (311 votes) 4.17 out of 5
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PENALTY - Comments:
SharkKillerGamerBoy (22 July 2020):
adaskarol (21 August 2016):
AdfDf (20 August 2016):
This game is bad!!!
ahmedelnaga12 (20 July 2016):
I won level 15
2004mikester (1 December 2015):
mo760 (22 June 2015):
easy game Cool  Clap hands  Happy
GerrardDrishti8 (6 March 2015):
hate this game Sad  Hmm...
bmmmm (21 February 2014):
level18 is hard
messi #10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (2 February 2014):
i beat the clown stuck on 15 skipped levels   Sad
messi #10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (28 January 2014):
i can;t beat the clown
yan8809 (5 May 2013):
too easy unlocked everything
Manu is cool (29 December 2012):
whatch  out weird clown on level  3 @
bosanski vitez (21 October 2012):
good game i completed it  Cool  Clap hands
Zakkie1878 (21 October 2012):
got up to level 15  Clap hands
xV_-RaPiDs (20 October 2012):
This game is OK but its stupid with the obstacles Sad
sabinho (11 October 2012):
good game  Clap hands
liverpool999 (10 October 2012):
i dont like this game!
tamara105 (9 October 2012):
altho ima girl i love football but this game is dam way too easy  Wink
dammo123 (2 October 2012):
this is one sick game yeah 1 time completed
navinn (29 September 2012):
it is very easy   Happy
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