Euro 2012 GS Soccer

Choose your favorite European team and try to win the 2012 UEFA European Football Championship, commonly referred to as Euro 2012.
While you have the ball: A - lob, S - pass, D - shoot,
If you don't have the ball: A - soft tackle, S - select player, D - hard tackle,
Use arrow keys to move.

Rating: 2.77 (601 votes) 2.77 out of 5
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EURO 2012 GS SOCCER - Comments:
Harry Potter (9 December 2019):
Crap game
GERRARD12345678910 (28 September 2014):
worst game not just in football but on ipad tablet computer and anything else
messi301910 (1 June 2014):
how do you aim to shoot?
GERRARD12345678910 (12 April 2014):
rubbish just rubbish Sad  Hmm...
champion12345 (21 February 2014):
this game is like stupid and fake
soccerismylife1234 (12 May 2013):
I love soccer and am a beast at it
AKA 9000 (6 May 2013):
this is fake Hmm...
shane11 (19 April 2013):
Abubaker (14 April 2013):
i am the winner man Cool  Wink
12GatenbyR (17 March 2013):
i got drew against germany holland and spain and i was england so that is defo the group of death. i beat them all actually  Cool
CR Lona (17 March 2013):
i dont like  this game Sad  Sad  Hmm...
cristiano2323 (13 January 2013):
it's good and hard   Clap hands
liverpool fan 321 (4 January 2013):
worst game ever
Sad  Hmm...
Epixkid112 (12 December 2012):
This game is stupid cant believe that when it hits the post its a goal Sad
gaara of the sand (7 October 2012):
the crapest  game ever Hmm...
2old4this (22 August 2012):
wat an awful game! Sad
roovanper1020 (22 August 2012):
useless and crap because the ref gives the other team a free kick when you didn't even touch him! this game should be diving like drogba!
irvin360 (21 August 2012):
this game is cool
man u 669 (10 August 2012):
You call this a game Hmm...  I played as Spain and lost to Czech Republic 2-6
Spain is awesome11 (23 July 2012):
this is the worst game i ever played i would rather play dora the explorer than this game its a waist of time you cant win
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