Stickman Mountainboard

Stickman mountain board is a very addictive game where you become a stickman on a mountain board trying to get through each increasingly difficult level. Strap yourself in and race down the course performing stunts and tricks on your way down. Move your board by using the arrow keys and jump with space bar. To perform tricks use the J, K, L, I, keys but be careful you don't want to crash because it would ruin your run! Grab your board and rule Rocky Mountains.

Rating: 3.45 (87 votes) 3.45 out of 5
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scottxpro1290 (23 April 2013):
So boring  Sad
wazer (10 April 2013):
it is so slow
wazer (10 April 2013):
cool game
ninosnitsakis (13 October 2012):
very easy
619 (12 October 2012):
i think this is good
connorfew22 (18 September 2012):
great game Happy  but a bit hard Sad
mufc12 (20 August 2012):
hard but very entirtaning Clap hands
Footballrules (30 July 2012):
I Always  Crash But Its A Cool Game  Wink   Cool  Happy
@=cowboy=@ (17 July 2012):
i love stick man games Wink
Christiano Ronaldo (7 July 2012):
this is an alrght game
Cool  Cool
cybergamegod (16 June 2012):
this game is poo-poo  Sad  Hmm...
real madrid 1111 (13 June 2012):
bad game  Sad  3\10  Sad
jaja3966 (12 June 2012):
lionelmessie (11 June 2012):
boring game. 2 hard.its about a stickman skatboarding in the crap. Sad
lionelmessie (11 June 2012):
i bet is good Wave  Cool
Meca (10 June 2012):
this games awsome
r-boy77 (9 June 2012):
good or wat fam Hmm...
Meca (7 June 2012):
Best Game Ever BGE
deano (7 June 2012):
game is awsome
--liverpool-- (6 June 2012):
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