Football Running Back

Marshawn Lynch can plow through traffic and break tackles like a mad man, but can you do the same in Football Running Back? Use the arrow keys to take your football player through a field of obstacles, not the least of which are defensive players dressed in red, eagerly waiting for an opportunity to slam you into the ground. Press "Z" to slide and "X" to jump, and you will soon find yourself dashing for the end zone. The further you make it up the field, the more points you will accrue.

Rating: 3.89 (243 votes) 3.89 out of 5
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Moise/Benjy (7 December 2015):
Boring hard. Hmm...  Sad  Sad
coolkim126 (31 March 2013):
This game is so awesome Clap hands  Clap hands
yoloman1029 (15 March 2013):
awsome game Happy
yoloman1029 (15 March 2013):
cant wait to play this game  Happy
jhoncena fan21 (14 October 2012):
good game
andre627 (24 August 2012):
thats easy Happy
foosh124 (19 June 2012):
What the heck?  Sad
brandon1211 (1 June 2012):
Clap hands I GIVE IT A 10 GOOD JOB Happy  Cool
Rigo (18 May 2012):
KoolMessi (13 May 2012):
love de game
llsb123 (12 May 2012):
nice...but confusing color teams
rocket (12 May 2012):
I like it
mikeynasty2010 (11 May 2012):
good game
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