Super Bowl Defender 2012

It's the biggest game of all and your job is key in Super bowl defender 2012. It's so easy to play, just use the arrows to move and Z or space to tackle and block the offence and protect your narrow lead as the clock ticks down. Remember offences win matches and defence wins championships, so show the other side whose boss in the most crucial plays of the season and the trophy will be yours.

Rating: 4.24 (716 votes) 4.24 out of 5
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SUPER BOWL DEFENDER 2012 - Comments:
alexiswag12 (19 December 2015):
Too hard Sad
Moise/Benjy (6 December 2015):
It is ok Hmm...  Sad  @
ko_hankinator (22 March 2015):
It was OK... Hmm...
jackson has packers with! (24 December 2014):
it won't even work on my computer
thegreat17890 (18 October 2014):
ok game
LiverPool Man (1 February 2014):
How do I move, cant figure it out so hate the game lol(btw its all about the 49ers Happy )
LiverPool Man (1 February 2014):
2014 Happy
abdirahman1 (3 February 2013):
its ok
Dommy (28 January 2013):
Awesome game  Happy
jitt (22 January 2013):
this game is cool  Wink
sea (13 January 2013):
the best game ever. Happy  Cool  Clap hands
joshkramer1234 (29 November 2012):
A Car really? Sad
danieloniwona (29 September 2012):
nice game love it
Neymarjroficial (23 September 2012):
how can you tackle the porsche
batcooked (31 May 2012):
ok game Hmm...
mexican_105 (29 May 2012):
cool game Wave
Messi1004 (25 May 2012):
good game Clap hands
maria 444 (19 May 2012):
Cool is good
kim01910 (18 May 2012):
It was so fun BGE
Blue2000 (17 May 2012):
Bet the geme 336-14  Cool  Wave
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