Shoot the Player 2

It's back to the strange world of firing the poor players out of the cannon in Shoot the Player 2. Just like the original you just click away to propel the players out of the cannon and select your angle to open up the way to the elusive balls.

Rating: 3.36 (104 votes) 3.36 out of 5
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SHOOT THE PLAYER 2 - Comments:
adaskarol (20 August 2015):
levle 5 is relly hard
mahee912 (21 April 2014):
loool I don't care i hate it
Pirlo222 (16 March 2013):
cool game
Colton (1 January 2013):
I just like shooting the guy out the cannon
MCforever (27 December 2012):
nice but its very hard

*I coldn't complete lvl 5* Sad
superbot132 (4 November 2012):
its a bit wierd your shooting a man
messi54321 (24 June 2012):
in the middle Sad  Hmm...  @
r-boy77 (24 June 2012):
i clocked it 1bill tmes Happy  Sad  Wink
demell123456 (10 May 2012):
i love this game
man united rocks (19 February 2012):
brill game but hard
wesdare (15 February 2012):
good game
footballdude9 (14 February 2012):
level 4 is crap  Happy  Sad  Wink
masiveman4 (13 February 2012):
this game is awsomeee
Heepsey (12 February 2012):
I hate this it's hard and boring!!!
CallumP96 (10 February 2012):
only cus its hard
Jazza231 Liverpool (7 February 2012):
I dont like this game its hard
Pablo Barrera7 (6 February 2012):
Good game  Happy
gogo football (5 February 2012):
cool game Cool
kenan10 (4 February 2012):
good but reallly hard like the first Hmm...  Wink  Sad
minazul (3 February 2012):
this game is hard
Hmm...  Clap hands
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