Taz Football Frenzy

This is Tasmanian devil American Football. You need to score a touch down without being stopped by the players on your way. You can neutralize them by jumping on their heads or whirl after you eat the hot-dog and get powered-up. Use the arrow keys to navigate up and down, back and forward and spacebar to jump.

Rating: 4.03 (405 votes) 4.03 out of 5
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footballcrazy135 (3 February 2014):
Cool it is amazingly good Clap hands
arham23 (16 April 2013):
this game is easy Cool  Clap hands
hitter30856 (10 April 2013):
This game is AWESOME!!! Happy
fisky2222 (18 March 2013):
not bad Hmm...  Hmm...  Hmm...
kidzm//luka (29 December 2012):
Happy magaria thi is good games
drimitri (14 December 2012):
this game is right
lucas_franca (27 November 2012):
got to lev 26 yeah Wave
chicarito amr (29 September 2012):
good game Wave
farouk6776 (22 August 2012):
I am on level 30
Cool Cool
soccerhockey (7 July 2012):
well i give it a so so  Happy
davidrbp (2 July 2012):
I'm on levl  10 Cool
i love tas the devil (30 June 2012):
i love tas the devil omg i got up to levil 23 like me lol Wink
roonaldo (20 June 2012):
saquoyass (21 May 2012):
my score is 12989
batcooked (20 May 2012):
i got 18,30 Wave
i love brighton (12 February 2012):
score 7455
gabrielhebert25 (8 February 2012):
@ it waz alright wat ever
TsubasaOzora (5 February 2012):
30,855 Clap hands  Clap hands
ninjamaster31 (5 February 2012):
I got 48,695 best game ever
ninjamaster31 (5 February 2012):
15,680 ya Cool
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