Soccer Squirrel

What the…? Can you believe your eyes as you watch this soccer squirrel perform his tricks? I'll leave it up to you to decide but you'd be nuts not to check it out.

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REYNA (4 March 2014):
the weirdest game ever
Sable (16 February 2014):
fake squirrels are way smaller than that EVEN if it was smaller I would say its fake
jack11chelsea fc (22 April 2013):
people who think this is real must be about 2 years old. isnt it obvious that its fake
cammyo236 (6 February 2013):
lol, so fake  Happy
wilhalm199 (15 November 2012):
So unrealistic!!! c-more is just a kid who watches tree house i guess!
hockw001 (7 October 2012):
thats not real
JakeW (30 September 2012):
i dont think thats real! Cool  
Celtic Fan (18 July 2012):
I also saw karate monkey its a link next to it  Cool
Celtic Fan (18 July 2012):
IS that REAL?!!?  Cool  Happy
manchester united rule (10 June 2012):
that squirrel is beter than the england squad well that is what my dad said Cool Clap hands  Happy
RICH7864 (10 May 2012):
brand new l.messi

antoine786 (14 February 2012):
awesome that squrrel is awesome Clap hands
nfrimpong (14 February 2012):
that is awsome Wink (13 February 2012):
jheeeez his a badman
  Clap hands
JJ23 (10 February 2012):
how would put a sriell on there i would
spyboy7 (5 February 2012):
thats the best Cool
kenan10 (4 February 2012):
funny but the squirrel is animated Clap hands
v.persie123 (2 February 2012):
c-more the squirrel is animated
mc keanu (1 February 2012):
he does better freestyle than me  Clap hands  Clap hands
C-More (31 January 2012):
Ho does the squirrel do THAT?!! Happy  Wink  Wave
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