Axis Football League

It's a new season in the Axis Football League and you are in control of your favourite team. Call the plays and set your formations to make the most of your team's attributes whilst exploiting the weaknesses of others. Control players with arrows and use your mouse to pass your way to victory. Will you top the league and join the hall of fame?

Rating: 4.23 (1797 votes) 4.23 out of 5
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Eifert85 (17 October 2014):
1-0 for hall of fame Clap hands
the demon (14 October 2014):
cool game
chuum15 (13 October 2014):
beat wranglers 80-14. #They met the beast! Cool  Wave
hawaii702 (10 October 2014):
wats 9   10 =??
imaninyumbwe (7 October 2014):
staretred 0-7 went to playoffs as 8 amd won the afl for my ninth time
SportsGuy2014 (4 October 2014):
I'm a Green Bay Packers fan, but I like the Dallas Wranglers. Happy This game deserves a 4
Eifert85 (3 October 2014):
3-0 with pittsburg Clap hands  Clap hands  Clap hands
the demon (3 October 2014):
say what Happy
footballchampion23 (29 September 2014):
starting the season with the Chicago Grizzlies (bears) Happy
Eifert85 (27 September 2014):
15-1 Clap hands  Clap hands
Eifert85 (27 September 2014):
won championship game 42-0 Clap hands  Clap hands
Eifert85 (27 September 2014):
75 yard punt return for a TD Clap hands  Clap hands  Clap hands
Eifert85 (27 September 2014):
13-1 about to be champs for my fifth time Clap hands  Clap hands
KadenTheMan (27 September 2014):
this game is awesome!! Clap hands  Wave
the demon (26 September 2014):
LIKE this game you crazy people Happy  Happy
the demon (25 September 2014):
really fun Happy
the demon (24 September 2014):
5-2 Happy
the demon (23 September 2014):
the demon (23 September 2014):
Eifert85 (20 September 2014):
im 4-1 Clap hands
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