Axis Football League

It's a new season in the Axis Football League and you are in control of your favourite team. Call the plays and set your formations to make the most of your team's attributes whilst exploiting the weaknesses of others. Control players with arrows and use your mouse to pass your way to victory. Will you top the league and join the hall of fame?

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lewandowskifan5 (11 February 2017):
@manchestermayhem do you like man city or man utd  Hmm...  Hmm...
minus (27 January 2017):
minus (25 January 2017):
Dang lewandowski
minus (23 January 2017):
I lone it!!
ManchesterMayhem (19 January 2017):
@alexisswag yeah I got it
oshayy (7 January 2017):
okay game the pc is stupid tho Hmm...  Hmm...
alexiswag12 (3 January 2017):
@Manchestermayhem, If your bad try rookie.
ManchesterMayhem (31 December 2016):
I am so bad at this game, but it is good. Hmm...
alexiswag12 (23 December 2016):
Rookie is ridiculously easy, it makes me cryHappy
lazerbeam (22 December 2016):
add more teams
oshayy (20 December 2016):
batman 90-14 bruh you are on rookie Hmm...  Hmm...
oshayy (18 December 2016):
new england is the best team Wave  Wave
oshayy (17 December 2016):
new england
elk32 (16 December 2016):
What is the best team
oshayy (3 December 2016):
i unlocked the afl all stars
batman84047 (2 December 2016):
90-14 Cool
batman84047 (2 December 2016):
2 kickoff tds Wave  Cool  Happy
oshayy (1 December 2016):
please make a game when u make a person and get drafted to a nfl team
oshayy (26 November 2016):
3-4 jail break  always works
oshayy (26 November 2016):
the ai skills in this game are just dookie balls Hmm...  Hmm...  Hmm...
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