Axis Football League

It's a new season in the Axis Football League and you are in control of your favourite team. Call the plays and set your formations to make the most of your team's attributes whilst exploiting the weaknesses of others. Control players with arrows and use your mouse to pass your way to victory. Will you top the league and join the hall of fame?

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Dragracing88 (14 December 2014):
Cool game
2014_Holidays (14 December 2014):
Hello, i will try win all with the Storm.  Wink
ChelseaFC10 (13 December 2014):
Gonna try my best on this season, tell you what i finish with! Ill be with the Steelmen
the demon (12 December 2014):
hey collman55 I went 110-0
imaninyumbwe (9 December 2014):
go packers beat the bears
coolman55 (6 December 2014):
in 5 seasons I was 58-0
coolman55 (5 December 2014):
and won 45-34
coolman55 (4 December 2014):
I came back from being down 31-0
imaninyumbwe (23 November 2014):
21 game winning streak
mo760 (21 November 2014):
it's easy and sick!!! Cool  Cool  Wink
SportsGuy2014 (16 November 2014):
I almost lost to the Volunteers, but at the end I won 31-28. I was playing Hall of Fame! Happy  Clap hands  Cool
SportsGuy2014 (15 November 2014):
In 5 All-Star seasons my record was 50-8. Happy
TyEifert85 (7 November 2014):
i won the championship 37-3 in the hall of fame Clap hands  Clap hands  Clap hands
TyEifert85 (6 November 2014):
I just beat san diego 49-0 in hall of fame Clap hands  Clap hands
TyEifert85 (6 November 2014):
1-2  Clap hands  Clap hands
imaninyumbwe (2 November 2014):
i wish they had multi player
ikenna110 (31 October 2014):
i know right.with tournaments and stuff
the demon (30 October 2014):
I wish we could go against each other  Happy
the demon (27 October 2014):
nobody better than me
Eifert85 (17 October 2014):
1-0 for hall of fame Clap hands
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