Epic Soccer

Soccer just got Epic!! Fed up with a normal pitch? Want a bigger challenge? Well this is the game for you. Choose your player, you can be Messi, Ronaldo or Neymar from today or take a trip down memory lane and play as Pele, Maradona or Cruyff. Choose wisely as the path ahead is littered with obstacles as you dribble at a frantic pace towards your goal. Football is no longer confined to a mere stadium, now itís a whole new ball game with drops and refs to avoid as you continue your run to glory.

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EPIC SOCCER - Comments:
coronaldo123 (6 March 2020):
ShOcKz x ReDzZ ???
isy123 (26 December 2014):
like the name this is eeepppiiiccc
lewandoski (6 November 2014):
so easy Ive won all the times ive played
lewandoski (6 November 2014):
some jamin ting game man is awesome!!!
Laurynas10 (3 October 2014):
ronaldo is the worst
Rohit Raj (13 August 2014):
Bad Game
moody2003 (25 February 2014):
1: Neymar
reagantb (2 February 2014):
haha esay Cool  Happy  Hmm...
ronaldo1231 (10 May 2013):
Ronaldo is the best
ronitpalvia23@yahoo.com (22 April 2013):
cool game Cool Cool
ronaldo77 (20 April 2013):
Cristiano Ronaldo is where its at. Cool  Wink
ronitpalvia23@yahoo.com (20 April 2013):
nice game yarrr getting bored  Sad
LeftGun (17 April 2013):
Neymar is the best of this game
Clap hands
peak098 (19 February 2013):
Messi is the best choce him.
Cool  Happy  Happy
andrej05 (30 January 2013):
i think is good game
messi2002 (12 January 2013):
jimpz25 (24 December 2012):
Gerrards a frickin beast 11 frickin k i got stevie wonder he is the best there
alexrilei (5 December 2012):
Winner Again wow easy!!!
ShOcKz x ReDzZ (27 November 2012):
best game ever  who ever made this is epic get it of the game epic soccer  Clap hands  Clap hands
tupac (15 October 2012):
3750 meters and 2980 points Clap hands
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