Xmas Penalties

Santa Claus knocks heads with Epyphany, an Italian witch, in a penalty kick shootout known as Xmas Penalties. When stepping up to the spot, click the left mouse button to place your shot within the goal. Stop the power bar somewhere in the middle to give your shot a larger bend. While protecting your goal as the keeper, click a spot in your goal where you anticipate Epyphany's shot to go. Defeating her in this five-kick shootout requires a bit of skill and a bit of luck.

Rating: 3.92 (155 votes) 3.92 out of 5
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peak098 (19 February 2013):
not bad I tied Sad
peak098 (19 February 2013):
I won 5-3 but is a easy game Cool  Happy  Clap hands
Tara10257 (16 December 2012):
i won 5-1  Clap hands
luisd (7 December 2012):
sick game Cool  Wave
mattyp12345 (12 October 2012):
pretty good game!
angelch (18 June 2012):
weird game Happy
predator10 (27 May 2012):
this is sooo easy Cool
wyatt784 (20 May 2012):
boring game Sad
footyman342 (4 February 2012):
Great game! Clap hands
matteo357 (27 January 2012):
not bad
i like it
FootballPlayer100 (21 January 2012):
I Won My First Go. Great Game.  Happy
call48 (19 January 2012):
this is to easy
chealsea forever (13 January 2012):
It's gonna get boring when you play it 5 or 6 times
jakeyd061 (12 January 2012):
yeah nice won 5.1 Cool  Sad  Happy
D..GOALIE (11 January 2012):
I won 5-3....  Clap hands  Clap hands  Cool
jam02 (7 January 2012):
i won 5-4 !!! Clap hands
SoccerRonaldo522 (5 January 2012):
I Looked at the title and fell asleep @  @
lewis123zebedee (4 January 2012):
abcdefghijkl123456789 (4 January 2012):
i won 3-1 Clap hands
champion123 (3 January 2012):
easy peasy lemon squizy won
30 times 8-)
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