Football League Jumper

Start out in Division 3, then jump your way up through league one and two, the championship and finally if you can reach them - Premier League, Champions League and the World Cup. Click anywhere to jump, them move your player with the mouse. Try to land on top of soccer balls and keep going as far up as you can.

Rating: 3.96 (274 votes) 3.96 out of 5
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AdfDf (29 October 2016):
164 I did not submit @
IBallisticsquid (11 February 2014):
Cool game might shout out Clap hands  Clap hands
snakestorm786 (8 February 2014):
I am in first place in daily yes
messi2004 (8 May 2013):
boooom! I jut got to 2nd on the leaderboard
podolski9 (8 May 2013):
what the fudge is this game
mkdons44 (17 April 2013):
hard but good Hmm...
orfeas (15 March 2013):
hard game
radoja15 (3 September 2012):
well tricky than i thought it willbe Sad  Hmm...
football mad580F (4 July 2012):
Wave my score was awome but is hard to controle
football mad580F (4 July 2012):
i think the game is hard to controle Sad  Sad
HUNGabor (20 June 2012):
171  @
angelch (13 June 2012):
fun game Wink
Solomon Kalou (11 May 2012):
This game is exciting Go higher
thierryhenry12 (20 January 2012):
122 for me me and thierry foreva
vernontj (20 January 2012):
141 yes Cool
chealsea forever (13 January 2012):
sickish game very sick   Sad
beth6666 (10 January 2012):
this game is mint i dont even know why i dint think of this game soon as i came on the lappy
Happy  Wave
ThierryHenry14 (10 January 2012):
my score is now 431 check hiscores Happy
ThierryHenry14 (10 January 2012):
my score just went up to 198 im now 6th look up thierryhenry14 on the list of highscores if you dont believe me
ThierryHenry14 (10 January 2012):
everyone here are a bunch of ugly stupid jealous liars, almost every single score i read was a lie because i checked on the highscores. My score was 158, and i have proof because my name on the hiscores is Thierryhenry14 and im currently 9th. Hmm...
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