Soccer Memory Tournament

Click the face-down cards to try to find matches as you put your concentration to the test with Soccer Memory Tournament. Whether your card reveals the likeness of Petr Cech, a football kit, or a corner flag, you're on the lookout for the card that matches it exactly. If you find all of the matches in the allocated time, you'll advance to the next round of the tournament. Each round is more difficult than the last, so don't take your attention away from the screen. Click quickly and strategically and you'll be sure to clear the pitch for the next game.

Rating: 3.54 (155 votes) 3.54 out of 5
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Shaun Portelli (9 July 2015):
Yes, it's an easy game.
bestproever (27 September 2014):
really easy easiest game ever!!!
DBoy (19 September 2014):
To easy
kenan (7 September 2012):
easy game
IlhanKamil (16 June 2012):
SO EASY!! easy as pie!! Clap hands  Wink
realmadridrules7 (19 December 2011):
easy game  Happy
hazza789 (18 December 2011):
I hated this game Sad
mullinsx (13 December 2011):
Happy  Cool  Happy
nathaniel789 (12 December 2011):
very easy  Happy
Loopicboy (3 December 2011):
This game is challenging but really fun. Cool
manchester united goal (2 December 2011):
this game is simple (1 December 2011):
thats easy i won Happy
tyrrell (27 November 2011):
good game
LeArTx (18 November 2011):
Good game  Clap hands
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