Micro Soccer Football

Work with a team of four footballers to drill the ball into the opposing squad's net with Micro Soccer Football. This game adds a layer to most volley-like football games on the world wide web. You can move players with the left and right arrow keys and jump with the up arrow key, but you can also switch to the player closest to the ball by pushing the down arrow key. With four difficulties of play, there is plenty of room to continue growing your skills to the level of Karim Benzema.

Rating: 3.58 (371 votes) 3.58 out of 5
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rainbowRKO123 (12 July 2016):
5-2 sick game!! Cool  Cool
Mohammed32524345235235676 (11 June 2014):
I love this game Happy  Happy  Happy
Wilshere10 (5 May 2013):
this is a sick game Cool
fergus10 (19 April 2013):
Me 3-5 Them
van persie 10 (26 January 2013):
good game
haldous11 (10 December 2012):
CAME 3rd place of the day Happy Happy  Clap hands
crewfan (5 November 2012):
fun, but i scored a few own goals Hmm...
red12488 (31 August 2012):
9-0 united vs ipswich
angelch (14 July 2012):
cool and hard game
Barcalona10 (24 June 2012):
Okay game Hmm...
dane (20 June 2012):
amazing game
C.Ronoldo (17 May 2012):
i beat all difficultys Wave  Happy
lazk22 (11 February 2012):
nice game
apanoup123 (23 January 2012):
it,s a very beautiful game i realy like it
l00l (13 January 2012):
i won on pro 5-0 just like fbc and real madrid  Cool   Happy
crlrs (2 January 2012):
nice ga me i won 15-2
Tadgh2011 (1 January 2012):
3-1 just like liverpool v newcastle Happy
hellosmileyface63 (29 December 2011):
8-2 to me! just like man utd to arsenal!
balfie7 (19 December 2011):
WIKCED!!! 5-3 to me just like arsenal v chealsea.
jahbaristarboy@hotmail.co (18 December 2011):
good game Clap hands  Clap hands
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