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Battle the likes of Wayne Rooney - or should I say "Wine Runey" - in Sports Heads Football. Hit spacebar to kick the ball, or simply knock the ball with your head by jumping with the up arrow. The left and right arrows slide your player back and forth as you balance shooting attempts with defending. Hitting the ball into power-ups will have an impact on gameplay. Some change the size of your head, the ball, or the goal. Others send bombs raining down on the field of play. You can even trigger a streaker to run out onto the pitch.

Rating: 4.11 (6131 votes) 4.11 out of 5
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jdale13 (20 January 2017):
sick game  Happy
coolboomy (16 December 2016):
yes I beat sports heads 5-3 7-5 3-2 7-4
5-3 7-2 6-1 7-4 7-2 7-6 HOORAY I WON 10 TIMES Wave  Clap hands  Clap hands
coolboomy (16 December 2016):
Wine Runey Pooped after I thrashed him 8-1 Clap hands  Clap hands  Wave
coolboomy (10 December 2016):
Decent game I beat Wine Runey 7-2 Wave  Clap hands  Clap hands
coolboomy (5 December 2016):
I won 3 times yay Wave  Clap hands  Clap hands
coolboomy (29 November 2016):
I won 2 times GGG Wave  Wave
coolboomy (26 November 2016):
Yay Jose Mourinho beat that noob manager 5-2
Joseph_M_28 (27 September 2016):
Best soccer game on the web! Happy  Cool
The dark shadow (13 August 2016):
easy Cool  Wave  Clap hands
EpicGuy2007 (27 July 2016):
I losttt Sad
seansean (10 July 2016):
Arsenal25356 (7 July 2016):
Maradona 7-0 Pele Wave  Wave
ManchesterMayhem (29 May 2016):
amazing game! mousebreaker games are always fantastic! Happy  Wave  Cool
LisaLover34 (6 May 2016):
hi dudes
djmoore (27 April 2016):
hi any girls xx
JoniEL (7 March 2016):
Best Game  Clap hands  Clap hands
furkan (5 March 2016):
futurebasketballplayer (28 February 2016):
best game ever  Happy  Cool (1 February 2016):
epic love it  Cool   Happy  Wink
Boby Suarez (18 January 2016):
Awesome game
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